Friday, December 7, 2012

TARTE Amazonian 12 hr Clay blush review!!

                                               TARTE Amazonian clay blushes!!

                                     (The fantastic foursome, enthusiast set review)

Hi Everyone!!
I get so excited this time of year because of all the great beauty finds that come out. Recently Sephora was having their VIB friends and family sale. If you are unfamiliar with this sale, well in a nutshell: you get a card from Sephora and if you visit the store enough or order online you start accumulating points and then they start sending you things when sales are etc. During the VIB sale you get 20 % off of your purchases and you can bring a friend with you. I happened to go on my lunch break with one of my girlfriends and I found this little amazing deal!!

YES!!! Tarte amazonian clay blushes!! I own one of them full size and the quality of these is unbelievable!! Now a full size blush from Tarte is about $30 so to get 4 of them at $35 is incredible!! These are NOT full size but you do get a whole heck of alot of color that will last me a very long time. I also can explore different colors and if I fall in love with one of them I can get the full size!

The colors are simply stunning with these four!! And with these blushes you really do NOT need alot of product for the color to show. Also the staying power is amazing. I can vouche for a 12 hour day and the color still is on my cheeks when I get home fom work!

The back of the box also have a to and from so it makes for a great gift to a friend or you could even take them out of thebox and give them out individually with a candle or some other trincket!!

These colors are absolutely gorgeous!!! Going from the left to the right the colors are as follows: Stellar, Fantastic, Magic, Angellic.

Swatched on my hand. I only placed my finger on the color once so like I said a little really goes a very long way. The colors from left to right are just gorgeous!! Stellar has a beautiful shimmery nude color. On the cheeks it adds a beautiful glow and life to your cheeks.  The color Fantastic, is a beautiful fushia color. The color is very bright so just a little and it adds gorgeous color to your face.  Magic is a very soft baby pink.  It seems a little chaulky when I swatched it but then on my face it added a gorgeous shade of pink to my cheeks.  And lastly Angellic is a gorgeous shimmery champagne color. Oh this color is so so beautiful in person. The camera can not do this justice!!  This is my favorite color!! I did not wear this as a blush but instead as a highlight and it's just gorgeous. It works great as a browbone highlight too!!






You can purchase these from Tarte. I'm not sure if Sephora still has these available or not.

Overall, I am so impressed with Tarte's blushes that I will keep adding more and more of their products to my collection. I think that the quality is amazing and Tarte offers alot of great deals especially around the holidays.  I have seen them featuring some great products on QVC as well.  Definitely worth it if you get these 4!! If you have never owned a tarte blush or if you are interested in this product I think purchasing a set like this will give you a great love for them and you will not be dissapointed.
Enjoy the holidays and the shopping that comes with it!!!!