Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Want it....Now How Do I Get It?!?!

Here is a daily dilemma that I am usually faced with especially when I watch YouTube videos and there is something that I really really want. You know what I'm talking about! Whether it's a handbag, a piece of jewelry , shoes, whatever it may be , something catches your eye and you HAVE to have it!! There is no talking you out of it, you must have it! This happens to me often. For example the Filofax videos sucked me in and I had to have it. Not only did I have to have one but I am guilty and I did order one more. It happens and I think it's part of the human nature to really want something after seeing it. For me I just can't stop thinking about it. I think about how I am going to use it and what I will do with it. I see myself wearing it or start to get a sense that my life is empty without it and I have to have it. Maybe I'm crazy but I'm gonna take a stab at this and say that there is probably someone else out there that feels the same way!

So how do I go about getting what I want.... well I turn to ebay! First I look to see if I can possibly find the item for much cheaper. For example, I want a pair of Tory Burch flats. Normally they retail for $250. Definitely not something I want to pay for shoes and my husband would really not appreciate seeing that on our bank statement!!  So I scour for a deal on ebay and lots of times you can find it for $75-$100. That price is still high but if you really really want those flats it's a lot less then what you would pay retail. I make sure to check in daily because it can change every single day so you want to make sure to catch deals. I have found many times very dissapointed and then I log in on another day and there it is....like magic!

Handbags are usually very tempting to me and here is where I normally turn to ebay. The rule that I like to follow is that if I am going to purchase a new handbag then one of them needs to be posted on ebay for sale!! So I first go on ebay and list my handbag to get sold. After it sells , well now I have money to buy the new bag!! This way I am almost recycling handbags without spending too much. I also notice that with handbags there is one or two that I will come back to but really I always want different ones so it's not that hard for me to part with them!  TJ Maxx is another great place to look for a bargain. Check with your TJ Maxx for the day that they receive their shipments and make sure to get there on that day. My TJ Maxx has a new shipment on Thursdays. Word spreads fast so you will notice that there are lots of ladies that will be waiting for that shipment and they will jump into those bins even before the employees are able to put it on the racks!

I am also obsessed with getting a Midori Travelers Notebook. It's a hefty price tag of $56 for basically a piece of leather but I am a sucker for stationary items!! I LOVE notebooks. I feel like I can never have enough of them and I just love to fill them. With these notebooks you reuse the leather piece and change out the little notebook inserts.  I am having a hard time with the price and I have been making my own but I am still looking up unboxing videos and still drooling over the Midori. I have been scrambling around the house for items that I could sell on Ebay to be able to justify this purchase.

How I deal with this obsession is to eventually cave in and get it. I will scour the internet for cheaper alternatives and make my own but if I continue to obsess well I have to scratch the itch. If I end up getting something and I hate it or I find that I'm not using it like I thought I would I don't set it aside I put it up on Ebay or give it someone that I know will use it!!

This is how I scratch that itch for things that I want and how I justify the spending! Hope this helps you out when you get that one item that you just have to have!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hands down....best Ipad mini case!

Ok so after months of researching for the perfect Ipad mini case I finally found it. Let me just back up and let you know what it was exactly that I was looking for. I wanted something that was a clam case and I also wanted a keyboard because I don't have a laptop and I wanted to type my blogs etc on my Ipad. I wanted something stylish and sleek. I also have to have a case that I love or else I won't enjoy using it. I think that is something that is always important to me. If I don't love it I really won't want to use it.

I thought my heart was set on the apple Ipad clam case pro. The only hesitation that I had was the hefty price tag. The cheapest I could find it for was on Ebay and it was $127.00. That's a whole heck of a lot of money for a case. I almost took the plunge. I almost pressed the buy it now key and I got overwhelmed with this feeling of nausea. So I went back to scouring the internet again. I stumbled upon a YouTube Video talking about a case by a company called Zagg. It looked great. I read as many reviews as I could possible find on the internet and then pressed the buy key. It's still at a heafty price, $59.99, but I got it on Amazon and did prime shipping so I tried to justify it.

A day later I received this!

This looked very beautiful in the package and I just had to rip it open. I did manage to get a quick pic before tearing it up! The packaging is really really nice and the case came beautifully packaged. This case comes in black and white. I'm guessing only those colors to go with Ipad colors. I choose to go with the white because I thought it would look best with my white Ipad.  Boy do I love this purchase. I use this every single day. I feel lost without it. I love typing on it. I don't have small hands and I can type with great ease. I answer emails daily. I type out all of my blogs etc and I have no problems.

Let's enjoy some pictures...

The case fully protects your Ipad. Covers everything nicely but also allows you access to all of your needed orphi. It has a good weight to it. Not too light where you feel like it's a cheap case but not too heavy that it will weigh your bag down. It really does not add too much bulk to my ipad. My favorite thing is that it's super super easy to pop it in and out of the case. That was one negative review that I read about the apple clam case pro was that people had issues removing their device.

You can see in the background I have a personal size filofax and it really isn't bigger than that. The hinge is incredible. It sits great on my lap as well as any other surface. I don't have to worry about my ipad tipping back. I have had that issue in the past but this sits so well that it truly feels like I am on a laptop!

One of my absolute favorite things about this little gadget is the colored backlit keys! Yes you read that right! There are five different colors to choose from!! I change them every night and I just love it!! Makes typing in the dark a breeze. The battery life on this item is just fantastic. I have been able to go almost an entire week with heavy typing. The company states that with heavy use, 2-3 hours with the backlight on you can go about 3 days. The product comes with a usb for charging it up! 

I can't really thing of anything bad to say. I had to really think and i guess the only thing is that you can't fold the keyboard back so if you wanted to use it like a true ipad you will not be able to. Since the case pops in and out so easily this really isnt and issue and to be honest when I read it at night I like the hands free and letting it rest on my chest while I surf the web and read blogs!!

I hands down reccomend this product wholeheartedly!! I love it and take it with me every where!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dooney & Bourke Florentine Vechetta Satchel 7 months Later!

So I initially purchased this hand bag about 7 months ago. I did a review on it and my initial reactions to the bag. It's absolutely stunning and pictures just can not do it justice. I highly recommend that you at least look at it in person. Touch the leather and smell the deliciousness of it!! I can't get enough of this bag. The color, the size, the strap, everything about this bag is perfect. I just love it!

The color of this handbag is called Salmon. I ordered it off of zappos.com because I like their shipping and free returns. The color selection for this bag is incredible. You can find it in hot pink and navy and black. I think it would look amazing in whatever color you choose. It's customizable to your taste. I get so many compliments on the color of this bag. I honestly have a compliment on this bag daily! It has transitioned beautifully through the seasons. In the summertime it went with every outfit. Into the fall it looked great with blacks and greys. Now in the winter time it fits great with my northface coat and pretty much every outfit as well. I have not had any issues with that.

The bag is incredibly roomy! I don't feel as though it's a suitcase. It is truly like a Mary Poppins bag. It's deceiving how much you can fit in there!

I more often then not  use this this bag as a diaper bag. It just works great for everything!!!!!!

As for the wear of this bag after 7 months of use daily. There are a few scuffs. Nothing that I am all that shocked about really. I live in Chicago and our winters are harsh. Cars are filthy and wearing it crossbody many times it has brushed up against  a car or something else dirty. It still looks fantastic. The leather just gets better and better with each touch!  It still has a great structure but also kind of floppy. Very unique!

The handles and strap are in excellent condition. No threads have come undone. The handles don't look worn at all. The hard ware  has maintained the same color. None of the color has chipped off.

The tassels still look amazing even though they have spent several times in my daughters mouth (she is 14 months and teething). The craftsman ship is just incredible with this handbag.

I can't recommend this bag enough. To sum it up...I LOVE IT!!

Check out my full review on my channel!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Uglies!! A Book Series !Great Read!

So I feel like YA (young adult ) books are my favorite reads. I now rarely even go to any other section of the book store. I follow several book tubers just to look for the next great book series. I have found that I am really enjoying the series because I can look forward to more, it doesn't just end. I fall in love with characters and I want to see them continue!!

Here it is!!
The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
Book #1 Uglies
Book #2 Pretties
Book #3 Specials

These are the covers for all three books. I must say this right off the bat that I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. I have not had that for a series in a very long time. Just to let you in on my taste, my favorite for Hunger Games was Catching Fire and for Divergent the first was my favorite, but with this series I really enjoyed ALL of them.

The story is set in a post apocolyptic world. There are two parts 'the ugly' town and the 'pretty' town. Each ugly becomes a pretty on their 16th birthday. Of course the main character in this series follows her best friend to a place where the 'rusties' (our current world) used to live. What's left over are just ghost towns and memories of people who made mistakes, chopped trees down, hurt one another etc etc. She follows her friend here to meet someone that could change the pretty process. Of course there are so many adventures on hover boards and many times that she is faced with dilemmas to help herself and friends. It's really truly well written and talk about falling in love with all the characters.

There is a love interest. She falls in love with two boys and of course they both love her very much. It's interesting to watch our main character go through different phases of her life. She makes friendships and loses them. She is constantly forced to make decisions that could have big effects on her life and others as well. She is a very special character and I root her on throughout her adventures.  Whenever she is flying on her hoverboard I felt like I was right there with her! They bring up topics that I think are trying to be relevant  to teens and how teens might face them. It's not something that the author just openly states but more something you would read between the lines. An example is something that teens are faced with everyday and that is appearance. As a pretty the playing field is even. Everyone is the same. They are all pretty but also can't think for themselves. Which is better?? Can you be your own person and be happy? Do you have to be like everyone else?

Overall I highly highly recommend this series!!  If you are looking for something light and full of adventure, fall in love with the characters and pick this up! They are quick reads and great as a summer or winter read. It's something you can take with you and just fall in love!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Leopard Heart Tutorial!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Just wanted to share a really fun and cute nail tutorial for this special day. Whether you have a Valentine or not it's just fun to have cute nails!!

So what you will need for this super cute nail art is some sort of dotting tool. If you don't have a dotting tool you can use a toothpick or break a Qtip in half and use the end that does not have the cotton on in. You will need one for a tan or light pink color and for the black color. If you are wanting to purchase dotting tools I found some on ebay for about $5 and you get 5 different size tools if you like doing nail art it could be worth the investment.

First thing is to paint your base color. I choose Eureka from the Sephora Formula X. It's such a beautiful pink color!


After you let that base dry a little. It doesn't have to be completely dry but dry enough that when you place another color on top they don't blend together or leave indentations in your base!

So next is take a dotting tool and dip it into either a light pink or light tan. I choose 'Coney Island Cotton Candy' from OPI. You are going to use your dotting tool to make a heart. Just dip into the polish and make a V. You should get something like this...

Let these little hearts dry while you work on your other hand. Now you are ready to add your black spots. Be creative with this step. I just went around the tops to accentuate the heart shape and then added a couple of blobs next to the hearts so that it looked like real leopard spots!!
Don't forget your favorite top coat and you are ready to have your leopard valentine's day nails!!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This Product has Changed the way my Face Looks!

Ever since I began using Tarte Maracuja oil my life has changed. I know this may sound dramatic but it has given my face it's beauty back. When I was pregnant I was battling acne like I never have before. I tried every single product on the market and watched YouTube videos and read through blogs obsessively.

I then found a sample that I had of Tarte Maracuja. I'm not going to lie, I was EXTREMELY nervous to use this product because it is an oil but thank goodness I did. Since the first time I bought this product I have purchased 5 bottles and just bought another. I have recommended this to my sister who has cystic acne and this has helped her tremendously along with my cleaning lady who was having issues post baby. I recommend this to EVERYONE!!!!

I'm going to begin with a picture....

What is in this product: Rich in essential fatty acids known to recharge and replenish skin, maracuja oil helps deliver an overall rejuvenated and even-toned complexion while giving the appearance of brighter skin thanks to a high dose of vitamin C. This powerful anti-aging elixir provides instant hydration—quenching dry skin with no greasy or filmy feel. 

Known as “puro milagro” or “the pure miracle”, this rare Amazonian fruit is delicately harvested piece by piece. The superfruit is sustainably collected and then the nutrient-rich seeded pulp is extracted from each individual maracuja fruit. This naturally harvested treasure, referred  to as the “alma” or “soul” of the maracuja fruit is then hand pressed without the use of heat to guarantee the maximum amount of nutritious essential fatty acids and vitamins.
Powered By: Maracuja oil: pure maracuja oil has been known to replenish, rebuild and brighten skin. The nutrient-rich essential fatty acids repair & rejuvenate skin for a firmer complexion. The moisture-rich formula replenishes & hydrates skin.

That is information straight from the Tarte site. When I apply this product onto my face it's like giving my face a drink of water. My face just drinks this up and feels incredible the next day!! I have fewer black heads and blemishes on my face. I have some discoloration on my face but I feel like this really helps to even out my face. I will even go out with out anything on because my face just looks great. I don't even use an eye cream because I feel as though this product just takes care of everything!
It's funny because I have used other oils on my face. I have used Caudile and also Josie Marin but they don't work as well as the Tarte product. It may just be a personal preference but I have recommended it to so many different faces and they have all had incredible results!!

I HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommend that you give this product a try. If your scared don't be. Even if you have very oily skin like my sister this will help balance out your skin!!

If you give this a try please let me know what you think!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fuller Lips with this Little Gadget!!

So I don't hate my lips but I wish they would be fuller. I think wearing lipsticks and lip glosses on fuller lips is so much more fun!! So I started to Google and search YouTube for some options. There were some videos that I checked out that showed women getting lip injections. At first I thought no way I don't want to deal with that but I did want to hear what they had to say. I looked at all these different women and I just felt like A I don't want to pay that much money and B what if I didn't like what it looked like... I would have to deal with that for the next 6 months and I don't want to deal with that.

The next option was this gadget that looked like a penis pump. It has the price of $60 and so that was a big turn off. It uses the concept of suction to pull blood flow to your lips and plump them up. I wasn't opposed to the idea but I didn't like how the gadget looked and didn't like the price. I don't know where I would keep this contraption. On my vanity it would look strange. When I checked out the website they even have jewels and things on them but I just wasn't sold.

Then....wait for it....wait for it!

FULLIPS came up in my search!!

I know I know it looks  a little strange but the results are incredible. So you put this on your lips and just such lightly and watch your lips swell to perfection!!

Now if you want to do some research Google Fullips and go to their website and check out how to videos and the website will actually help you choose what size is right for your lips. I choose the medium Oval and it fits perfectly!!

Here is the most extreme that I got my lips!

Check out my Youtube video where I demonstrate how I use it and you can see a before and after of my lips!!
Please let me know if you give this a try!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Filofax 2014 Setup!!

            So of course with the new year I am always looking for ways to stay organized and stay on top of things. I love my Erin Condren planner I really do think it's great. The only downfall for me was that I could not fit everything in the spaces and started using post it's and then it just got so cluttered and unorganized.
What did I do next? Went to YouTube of course!!
Anytime I need to find anything YouTube seems to be the answer to my prayers. I found this entire Filofax community. Yes, I have heard of Filofax before but this is like on a whole new level. Give it a try , go ahead type it into your YouTube search and it will just have your attention for hours. I just love stationary and Filofax is just a dream come true!! I love how I can customize it!! I love decorating it too don't get me wrong but I can place a home in my Filofax for things I needed to keep organized!! I am a nurse, a teacher, a tutor, a blogger, a Stella & Dot stylist, and a YouTuber and of course most important of all a Mom and a Wife!! I have a section for each of these in my Filofax. So far it has truly helped me keep on top of everything. I feel lost without my Filofax. Anything and everything that I could possibly think of or need I write it down.
Now for the Erin Condren Planner like I stated earlier I still love it and I use it for my Project Life. I leave it open in my office and quickly jot down things that happen for the day so when I go back and look at it doing my Project life is a breeze!!

I have the Metropol Personal Size in the red color. To be honest I choose it because it was only $35 on Amazon and I really thought the personal size would work really well because I could carry it around and place it in my purse. I am already shopping for the one that I love because I wanted to make sure I love Filofax and YUP I LOVE IT!!! 

I just love decorating the pages for the month. I have been seriously stalking every store for their stickers!! I just love it!! Not only am I organized but I love using it!! It's such a pleasure to be organized in something pretty!

It's not bulky. It fits in my hand perfectly and to be honest I carry it everywhere!! Even in my house I carry it upstairs, downstairs and it even ends up on my dresser at night!!

This is totally Pinterest inspired because Pinterest has a great amount of pictures and ideas for Filofax lovers. Having little inspirational quotes and motivators  is very helpful!!

Overall I'm just in love. I have been following #planneraddict on Instagram and just have been really enjoying using this. As I break into it more and find more great uses for it I will continue to post about it!!

For a more in depth look check out my review/setup on YouTube!!