Saturday, December 24, 2011

Melting Snowman Cookies!!!

These are so cute and so fun to make!!
The ingredients you will need:
Large Marshmallows
Chocolate morsels
Fruit roll up (red color)
Orange sunkist candies or orange gummies
rolo chocolate candies
Snickerdoodle cookies
Vanilla frosting

First buy or bake regular Snickerdoodle cookies. Next warm up your frosting in the microwave for about a minute. Stir it well and make sure it's a liquid. Drizzle this over the top of your snickerdoodle cookie to make it look like your snowman is melting. Next in a bowl of melted chocolate take the top portion of your large marshmallow and dip it in. This will be a part of your top hat. Then press the non chocolate side of your marshmallow onto the drizzled frosting. Take a rolo candy and place it on top of the chocolate dipped side of your marshmallow. Take a toothpick and dip into the chocolate to make a face. Cut your orange gummy into a tiny triangle and place it on your snowman's face. Lastly take your fruit roll up and cut into a thin line to make a scarf and wrap it around your marshmallow!!

It's quick and easy to make. Use whatever ingredients you like and be creative. You could use pretzel sticks to make little arms etc.

Here are some photos for inspiration.

Try them out!!
DIY Candles!!!

Hi guys! I love DIY projects, it's almost borderline obsession. So when I was at Hobby Lobby ( a local craft store) I had a light bulb moment to show you guys how to make your own candles. Now I'm not someone who would never purchase candles from a store because I buy tons and tons of candles I just love them so much but I just like to personalize some of them. This time of year I like to make them and pass them out to family members and even my co workers. I make my own labels and come up with some cute and crafty ideas and bam....a great Christmas gift!!

Here is what the finished product looks like. Please check out my youtube channel for a step by step how to on making your very own candles!!
Check it out!!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sparkly shoes!!!

Hey guys!!
I got some new shoes and I'm just loving them. They are so pretty and so sparkly and just so much fun to wear. With the holidays coming up I think these look so pretty either with skinny jeans or leggings they are just so much fun!!

The shoes are by Steve Madden and they are called Madden girl. I found these on ebay for $39.99!! They fit true to size but I wear mine with knee high stockings or barefoot.
I hope you guys can find yourself a pair and enjoy wearing them cause they look gorgeous!!
P.S. here is a link to them on Zappos!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peppermint Nails!!

Hi guys!! 
So I was so excited to show you how I was able to add some Christmas into my nails. I love painting my nails and if it was up to me I would make christmas trees out of my nails. The problem is that I work in a very professional setting and I am not able to get away with it. So my solution is to add it subtly to my nails and here is what I came up with.

I have the video posted on my youtube channel if you would like to see how I achieve this look!!
Thanks for stopping by and I really hope that you try this out!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Emerald city here I come!! So when I looked at this nail polish color at my local Target I almost dove to the shelf to have it. I had it in my cart and I just kept staring at this color. This color is just so gorgeous and I had so so many compliments from people that they loved my nail color.
So here it is.

This nailpolish does have a matte finish but when I put my top coat on it had a beautiful shiny color.

I did put a clear glitter nail polish on and it looked even more gorgeous!!

Love it!! 
The color is Revlon 'Emerald City' , so check it out!!


I LOVE a really pretty grey color for my nails especially when it's a super gloomy fall day!!
I am am pretty sure that I have found the color that I really love to do this for me.
I recently did a haul video of NYC nailpolishes that I happened to stumble upon at Target and this is one of the colors.

It's 'Sidewalkers 270' by NYC. I am totally in love with this color. With two coats it's very opaque and looks very cool and sophisticated. I think colors like this are very neutral and you could wear them to the office or school with out getting too much attention.

Here is a link to my youtube video where I mention a few other color that are just gorgeous!!

thanks for reading!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nail Polish of the day!!
So I normally wear dark colors for the fall. It's something that I really look forward to but when I saw this color I just had to have it.
I think this color is really really great if you need a little break with the darker colors. I do love the glitter in this nail polish. There is a fine glitter along with some great big chunks as well.
When you put it on I think it looks really great.
Take a look and let me know what you think!!

This is Revlon 051 Starry Pink!!


If you click on this youtube video you can see what it looks like on my hands!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Making your own vintage bracelet!!

So I'm walking down the aisle of my local craft store and I happen to wonder down an aisle full of beads and charms.  All these women were ooohhhing and aaaahhhhing over these little tiny morsels...why?? So of course I cruise down the aisle to look for myself and I catch myself doing the same thing.

I found the following items and got my creative juices going.

I was inspired to make a vintage bracelet. It's a cuff bracelet and a beautiful flower that I thought would look gorgeous together.
So, to make this happen I reached for my favorite glue that pretty much glues everything that you could possibly imagine!!

With my trusty glue I was able to create this gorgeous piece.

With such a small idea and some great crafts from your local craft store you can make some great jewelry pieces!!
Thanks for reading!!
ESSENCE colour & go in the color- Walk of Fame

So I raved about this nail polish and the color and now you wanna know what it looks like right?!?!

Here it is:

It's a gorgeous color and this company does a really great job with their colors and quality of their nail polishes. I have several colors from this nailpolish company and they don't chip until about the 4th day!
try it out!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Chic Pumpkins!!!

I know it sounds weird to call a pumpkin chic but when it came time for decorating pumpkins this year I wanted to add some flare  to make it look better then the average pumpkin. The first thing I had to do was head over to Micheals (the craft store) and shop around. I wanted something pretty and something sparkly and here is what I came up with.

It's a super fun and easy way to make your pumpkins look runway ready!!

Steps to making your pumpkin chic:
Step 1: Pick out a pumpkin, I chose a black one but they also have ivory colored pumpkins. Let your inner artist come out.
Step 2: Choose some bedazzle jewels. I wanted to keep it clean and glamorous so I just picked up some simple crystal jewels.
Step 3: Make sure you get a hot glue gun and at least 1-2 glue sticks.
Here is what I used:

I wanted to keep this simple but feel free to get as creative as you want.
First thing you need to do once you have all of your supplies is to take a piece of chalk or a white crayon and draw your designs on the pumpkin. I did not choose to do this step but if you feel more comfortable drawing it out first feel free to do so.
Next you want to make sure your hot glue gun is hot and you are ready to use it.
Finally let the fun juices flow and start gluing your jewels onto your pumpkin. Do as many or as little designs as you like on the pumpkin.
Remember it's your pumpkin and you can be as diva about your pumpkin as you want to be about it!!

Have fun and let me know if you tried this!!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ulta Haul!!

Ulta Haul!!!!

So, I went to Ulta today and did just a little damage!! I did get some really great products and wanted to share those with you. I will have some tutorials to come so please check out my channel!!

The first thing I got is something I am really excited about because I am always on the hunt for something that will really work on my nails. I did try these out but I won't post the pictures because I plan on doing a tutorial once I give these a good trial run. I don't want to tell you something is great unless I really mean it. So these are suppose to give you gel nails without the UV light. It is a little tricky but I think after doing it a couple of times it will become easier. There were a few options for color to choose from and this was the color that I went with.

It comes with three bottles. The applicator, the nail color and then a cleaning bottle. 

The second product I got I really am excited to try because I think that essence is a pretty good quality nailpolish and it's only 99 cents!! Incredible!!

This color is a great color for fall I think and I can't wait to start wearing it!!

BUTTER LONDON!!! Some really great sales!!

I have not taken the plunge to purchase anything Butter London but I finally did today and here is why....

I know it's crazy...right?!?!?
Well I saw this duo and I thought this is the time to try this out. I think that you get two great products and for a good price. I'm have tried the powder room nailpolish remover and I thought it was amazing. I had red nail polish on and it removed it with one swipe so I was really really excited about that.

So these were some of the more exciting things that I picked up. Please check out my youtube channel for the full haul!!