Friday, June 7, 2013

Sex and the City 15 Year Anniversary!!

15 years ago on June 6th Sex and the City premiered on HBO. I remember that night very clearly. I was 14 and in my parents basement very eager to learn what this show was all about!!
I think initially I was very bored to be honest. I don't think I understood what they meant or what they were talking about.
Fast forward to college and the show was something I just could not get enough of and just loved it!! I had my first serious relationship by that time, my high school sweet heart whom I dated for almost 5 years. From the time I was 15 until I was 20, he even waited for me to go to college together! Then of course college opens the doors for so many different guys to choose from and that's exactly what happened. The show was something I could start relating to and even some of the shows content was exactly what I had shared with my girlfriends. I think the older I got the more I loved this show.
Samantha is definitely the character I can most relate to and the one I loved. The fact that she was smart, beautiful and very successful. SHE was the one who decided when and were she wanted a man. She had many of them including the UPS guy but it's because she wanted it. If a man were to do what she did he is considered a Don Draper but if a woman does it..... so i loved her for that. She also loves sex and so do I!! She always surprises me like episode where she sees the priest and decides that he is "Friar F*uck" and starts to donate cans of soup to try and get in his pants. I love that she took nude photos of herself and had them hanging in her apartment and the delivery guy told her "nice ass". She is always entertaining and I think the most light hearted of the bunch.
Carrie, she also really touches my heart, especially with her and Big's relationship. I had a relationship just like that when I graduated college. I became an RN and I began dating an attending at the hospital. He was older, successful and just so exciting that he choose me out of all the other nurses. That relationship was so fun but I knew also so bad. I was always hurt in that relationship. We would break up and make up so many times and every time it became worse and worse but somehow we always found our way back to each other. The big difference with him and Big was that he ended up putting his hands on me during one of those big fights and that was the end of that!!
Charlotte was just too naive for me to relate but I have friends just like her and Miranda is a little to serious and cold for me to be like her but again I have friends just like her.
So tonight on the anniversary the network E! is playing the Sex and the City movie. I sat there watching this movie and I could so much feel Carrie's pain. How disappointed she was and how badly she wanted her happy ending. I could feel that and remember the pain I felt in my relationship. How she felt she could never laugh again, that awful feeling in her stomach. I know that feeling. The worst part going back to your apartment and picking up the pieces. I had to do that as well. I lived with my ex and we had a dog and a condo, had to start all over again!! I remember all that pain and as Carrie went through the motions I could relate to everything. I could feel her joy at the end and almost small hesitation about Big!
In conclusion I think we all love this show so much because we relate. It's our life in someway, maybe not so glam and our friends slightly different but still we can relate. We can relate to the funky spunk, and the dilemma of the guy who eats you out and wants to make out right away to the guy (Aiden) that is the good guy and loves us so much but we still end it. Some how we love those girls and it never gets old I still watch them whenever I catch a rerun!

Happy Anniversary Sex and the City!!!!!!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Rehabbing an Old Rocking Horse

I recently stumbled upon a beautiful old rocking horse!! My neighbors are so sweet and they have children that are already grown and off to college so she brought out this great old rocking horse. It's a beautiful pony but it definitely needs some help.

The first thing that I decided to do was to fix the pony's hair. The hair on this thing looked like matted old carpeting. Cleaning it was not going to be an option because it was so matted so I decided to just cut it all off. I grabbed a big pair of scissors and I started to cut it all off!!

My next dilemma is what can I substitute for hair? I initially thought that I would get the doll hair and start gluing that on but that might be hard to maintain and isn't the friendliest for babies/kids cause they like to put things in their mouths. So I decided that I would use yarn. That idea to use yarn brought back the memory of my first cabbage patch doll and she had all this brown yarn for hair!!
I immediately ran over to Micheals and quickly found the yarn aisle. My first grab was just white yarn and then some colorful yarn caught my eye. I stood there and debated for awhile but decided to go with the colorful yarn. I think it might make the pony more of a fantasy, cirque du soleil kind of a thing!

Here is what I have done so far!! I am still not done with the hair I've only begun but I was so excited to share the progress so far!!
This is my main project for now so I will continue to post as I make progress on the pony!
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