Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Super Easy NYE 2014 Nail Tutorial!!

 I had to share some super classy and easy nails to try out this New Year!! It's classy with the nude nail but also adding a little sparkle with the copper penny!
In order you to achieve this look you will need a pretty nude color. I really like Essies' topless & barefoot.  It's such a gorgeous color and it's very opaque. I then decided to use Revlon's 'copper penny' and it is way prettier then the a copper penny.

It's really easy ! Just freehand with one swipe across the nail on the left and then on the right and you automatically get a very glam look!

Hope you have a very Happy New Year!! Happy 2014! Looking forward to a new year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

DryBar Buttercup Review

Look at this gorgeous Blowout in a Box!!! I was immediately drawn to this item when I saw it on Sephora's website.  I really was looking for a new blowdryer. I did feel like it was time to retire my blowdryer from college. It has been with me a long time and it does have a little retractable button so the cord is never in the way but it is time to retire it! I never thought that having an expensive blowdryer would make a difference but after having one I can say that yes it does. The old dryer was drying out my hair and it was taking  forever to dry!! This hair dryer doesn't blow as hot of air but it seems to dry my hair so much faster. It's honestly some pretty awesome technology.
So let me break down what's inside of the box.

I am going to let you admire the super pretty yellow color. I love it!! It's not an obnoxious yellow at all. I think it stands out beautiful and it puts a smile on my face every time I use it. The matching yellow brush is absolutely adorable as well!

The body of the blow dryer is very light weight. It's almost surprising how light it is in your hand.  The settings are very simple to use. There is a cool button that you can press for a burst of cool air. You can also just blow dry with cool air. You can blow dry in medium setting that is just slightly warmer or you can choose to dry at high heat. I use the medium setting tip my hair is about 90% dry and then I do the high heat and place velcro rollers to the top of my head for extra volume.  The cord is very very long but doesn't tangle. I see this as a plus!  The lint trap comes with a replaceable one and is also very easy to clean. 

The round brush is called the medium pint. It's a great size. I do like a slightly larger round brush but this works just fine. I have no frizz and no flyways when using this brush. My hair does not tangle easily and when using this brush I feel like I get a very professional blow out look.  The bristles are soft but stiff to touch.  

Now lets get into the products mentioned:

The Happy Hour Shampoo and Conditioner. I will not be purchasing the full size of any of these products. After using the shampoo I did not get a lather and did not feel as though it cleaned my hair very thoroughly. I felt as though it was difficult to remove the product from my hair as well. I basically wanted to shampoo my hair again!  The conditioner I did not feel it made too much of a difference. It's very thin and I prefer conditioner that are more creamy in consistency.

 As for the Hot Toddy heat protector and frizz fighter. I did not see too great of a difference in my hair. I like using the Macadamia products and that to me works better than this product. It has a very thin consistency to it and only a small amount is needed but it's not enough for me to give up the products that I am currently using and purchasing a full size.

Now this product I definitely will be purchasing the full size of. I think this was a major game changer. I put this in when my hair is about 90% dry and then use the round brush and do the blow out. WOW!! My hair looked like it was professionally blown out. Definitely made my hair look like it belonged in a Pantene commercial. It made my hair look shiny and strong and the blow out lasted almost 4 days. This for me is definitely worth buying!

Hope you enjoyed my review on the Buttercup and the accessories it came with. This is a product that I am overall very very happy with. I am so glad that I made the decision to purchase it. I love the color and also the way it has changed the amount of time I spend drying my hair. The lightweight helps with my hand not hurting while holding my arm up. I highly recommend this purchase!!
Please check out my video if you would like to see more on this product!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bath & Body works has competition with Scentsy!!

So recently went to a party where this girl had 4 venders including myself for at home parties. I call them home parties not sure if that is what they are actually called but they are the ones where the lady comes to your house and she either tries to sell you some stuff or shows you how amazing something you don't need is!! Well this girl had a 31 something representative which was great and they have alot of utility totes etc. Then there was a scentsy vendor. I had never heard of it prior to being at this party.  Let's just say that I found a new obsession.  She had a bunch of warmers available.....

Side note about what they have available. They are basically scented wax that you put in a warmer and your home smells divine. I have had the Walmart kind before and it was alright but not something I became obsessed over. Well my girlfriend convinced me that these were way better. She was right! I ended up getting two warmers and 5 scents!

 I'm only showing the plugin  that I purchased and one of the scent packs. It's really adorable and it has a light so it really helps in the bathroom at night time. The light is bright enough that I don't have to turn on the light at night and I'm not stumbling all over the place.   This actually will be replacing most of my Bath and Body Works plug ins (pictured below). The reason being is that these scents stay the same and don't start off really strong and then fade. I have read so many horror stories about the plugins catching fire. With the Scentsy plug in there is an on and off switch so you can turn it off. The aroma of the scent is just beautiful and I will continue to use my scentsy warmers and discontinue the use of the plugins from Bath & Body works.
Although the plug ins at B &BWs are really cute they do have a life of 6 months so you have to repurchase them often. I did confirm this with a sales rep and she did state that they do have a life span of 6 months. Kind of a bummer if you really really like one and would like to keep it around for a while.  I will insert a really cute snowman that scentsy has, it's not a wall plug in but a super adorable warmer regardless.

That little guy is just too stinking cute!!

Let me go over the pricing and how I justify the purchasing of these! Most of the plug ins are $20 but if B &BWs are about 4 for $20 and that's when a sale is going on they are about $5 a piece. You will need to repurchase every 6 months and if you want more than one in your home you will be spending way more then the one time of $20 for a warmer that will last you probably forever. The only thing you need to replace are the light bulbs.  Secondly the fragrance packs are $5 and there are about 9 cubes that fit in the pack. I use 1 cube every 2-3 weeks.  If someone is hosting a party they can offer you a better deal. For example at this party that I was at she had 3 for $12!!

You be the judge and check out scentsy it might change the way your home smells!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adorable Little Girl Hair bows!!

I am obsessed with hair bows. Hair bows on little girls that is!! When I found out that I was having a baby girl I think one of the first things that I ever did was look at hair bows on etsy. I ordered a whole bunch of them! Now my little person is almost a year old and I wanted more bows! I like to match her outfits with the bows. I found that I was getting frustrated because I couldn't match them perfectly.

Now Halloween is here. My all time, most favoritist, bestest time of the year! And I only had one hair bow for my daughter!! I searched high and low and I just could not find the right bow. They were either too gaudy, too big or just not cute enough! So here are some that I came up with!1

I went a little crazy!! I had so much fun making them I just couldn't stop! I even made a Thanksgiving/Fall one! My husband saw that I was making them and said what are you going to do with all those. I couldn't even believe that he had to ask but it did give me the idea that I should sell some on etsy!!
So here is my link to my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/167027276/adorable-halloween-little-girl-hair-bow?ref=listing-shop-header-4

Now I am truly hooked and I plan on getting some Christmas ones up there!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rose Madder by Stephen King

I initially heard about this oldie but goodie when I was reading an AMA on reddit.com. If you are unfamiliar with this website you should definitely check out this website. One of the sections on this site is an ask me anything. What's great is that sometimes you get celebrities and sometime you get someone who writes letter to people in prison, ask me anything. So it's really interesting and one day Stephen King happened to be on there. I'm assuming he went on there because he was promoting his new book Joyland (have not read this yet). I was intrigued being that I am a pretty big King fan. I love pretty much all the books that he has written. During the AMA everyone kept referring to his Dark Towers series which is pretty good and has it's own following but I've heard of it before. Rose Madder was mentioned several times and I have never ever heard of this one. People had stated that it changed their lives after reading it so of course I had to check it out. It's a book he wrote in 1995 but takes place in the 80's.

After hearing all these great reviews I was very excited to get my hands on a copy. I will not at any time give away anything in my review and this review is strictly based on my own opinions.
King really delves in on domestic violence in this book. It's fairly graphic and intense at times so if you don't have a strong stomach it might take a lot for you to get through some of the parts. The main character shares her journey after leaving this man who has abused her for 14 years and how she might finally begin living life again only to find out that he is out to find her. There is a constant fear throughout the book that you need to watch your back. There are some parts of the book that are a big wordy and you catch yourself saying 'ok come on' or ok I get it can we move on. King explains and paints pictures very vividly for you in this book. King also takes the main character through a superficial world which helps the character out. This part of the book is a little strange and I think King wants you to interpret it how you want to.
Overall, I wouldn't say that it's my favorite King book. I believe it's worth a read if you are a fan. The book is close to 400 pages so it's time consuming but only because there is so much explaining and picture painting that you can see the world through the main characters eyes. The story does not move very quickly so if you are looking for action packed and things happening all the time then this book is not for you. It's really well written and great character build. Interesting story line with occasional graphic scenes but what else would you expect from King?!?

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Divergent Book Series

So I'm a total sucker for this type of series.  The Hunger Games by Susan Collins, was definitely what started it all followed by the MazeRunner by James Dashner. These are all great series that fall under the category of dystopia.  I've become obsessed and I feel that so many series have come out that are focused on these types of worlds.

This story is again following a teen.  I don't have a problem with that but like other series that are similar this is the common theme among this genre of books.  The world is again set in the future and it's set in Chicago which is very exciting for me because it's my hometown so when they refer to buildings and streets I know what they are talking about!

The main character is faced with troubles that can possibly change how the world will function moving forward. There is alot of action. The action is not quite as intense as Hunger Games or the Maze Runner.  I felt that there is more emotion involved rather then just fighting.  Character development is wonderful in this story because you get so involved with each of the characters.  You are fully invested in these characters by the time you are done reading the second book and you want to know what is going to happen next.   Lots of times you feel almost tired with a series and sometimes think that there may not be a need for a third but with this series you are very excited for the next book.  The books seemlessly flow into one another.  There is no repetition but the author does a great job reminding you in case you may have forgotten a certain detail.

In this series there is a "bad guy" and there are mind simulations that challenge our characters.  Each character has different fears and challenges to overcome difficult situations.  You will get to find out what Divergent is and the meaning of it.

In case you were wondering there is a romantic relationship that develops. It wouldn't be a great series if there weren't!  Sometimes this gets alittle annoying because the main character is such a damsel in distress.  I feel there is no way in real life any guy would put up with so much crap but of course that's why books are better than real life!

Overall, this is a great story and will keep you interested in the storyline.  Please do not be turned off that this is a young adult series because the author does a wonderful job of catering to an adult audience as well!!

Can't wait for the third one!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Make Your Own Baby Food

Ok, so my little one has had ALOT of tummy issues! Since she was born we've had troubles. As much as I wish I could have breast fed her an entire year my milk started to dry up at 4 months. I tried everything and couldn't keep up with milk for her so I had to start giving her formula.  We went through about 6 formulas before I found Gerber's gentle start and that thank goodness that has worked for her. It took a long time and some trips to the pediatrician to figure this out.  Then when I could start feeding solids I was so nervous cause we had such a hard time with formula!!

The first day..... I was so nervous!! I brought down the baby bullet and pulled out all this fresh produce from Whole Foods and began following the recipes in the baby bullet book.  Once baby had her nap and was in good spirits I sat her in her high chair and we began to eat.  She loved it!! I had no problems! I thought Oh thank goodness I'm not going to have any problems with eating solids! I high fived myself and everything.  I put the baby down that night and she went to sleep. Now she is not a good sleeper so I thought when we started eating solids she would sleep better.  I settled into bed and started to read, fell asleep at about 11:30 pm and then by 1:30 a.m. my baby was shrieking. I went running in her room and she was literally bent over in a back bend and just screaming!! I didn't know what was wrong with her. I picked her up and tried to soothe her but she was besides herself. I walked around with her and did everything to soothe her but she didn't calm down until 6 am.  I was pretty sure it was related to the food but still fed her the next day.  Again the same thing and so I called the pediatrician. Went in and they did scans because my daughter was just so besides herself.  I didn't allow too many more instead I opted to wait on the solids until we hit 6 months.  Once she hit 6 months I had the same issue until someone said to start her on the store bought because it's easier.  So it's been a long process but I'm finally able to get out the baby bullet and not having any issues!!!

As you can guess I am just so excited that I've been coming up with combinations that have worked and my daughter just loves.  When I get produce I make sure it's organic and anything that's seasonal I love to get for her.  I also don't make large batches of food because I do like to make it pretty fresh for her so I make food every other day.

The first recipe that is a major success:

Avocado, Plum, Apple!

This is such a hit with my daughter that she eats almost 3 jars!
1 avocado
1 apple (I used Gala ones)
1 Plum

This will make approximately 4 baby bullet jars

Avocado, Carrot, Plum 

She likes this one, but I personally thought this tasted wonderful.  The plum keeps them nice and regular also!

1 avocado
5 baby carrots
1 Plum

This made approximately 4 baby bullet jars

Banana, Apple, Cantaloupe

This smells so wonderful and my daughter just loved it! I will throw this in the mix but keep in mind that banana's can be constipating.

A little more then half of a banana
1 apple (I used Gala)
approximately 5 cubes of cantaloupe

This made 4 very full baby bullet jars!

Hope you give these a try and I hope your little one loves it as much as mine!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dooney & Bourke Florentine Vachetta Satchel Handbag

Ok, if you have seen my YouTube review on this handbag you know I absolutely love this handbag. I did ALOT of research before making this purchase because it is on the pricey side, $398!!!

Look how beautiful this bag is!!!

I initially just placed the word satchel into my google search and wanted to see what I would find. So that search led me to a QVC cast that featured these beautiful handbags!! I watched the cast over and over again. I then searched blog posts about it and also searched YouTube videos and there was one video that made me just say "Yes!! I am totally getting this handbag".
So that was how I stumbled upon these beauties! The handbag has the most beautiful leather. The leather color that I chose is called salmon. I love the color!

At first I was hesitant because I thought of it as more of a spring and summer color but the color isn't as bright it's more of a muted color and so I thought what a beautiful color to go with all the blacks, greys and browns of fall!!
The size of the bag is perfect for me. I am 5'7 and this bag perfectly hits my hip when on the longer handle. The tassles on this bag are just so beautiful and I love the detail that it adds to the bag!!

The hardware is a beautiful matte gold and the hardware is big and beautiful!

Did I mention the smell?!?!? It smells like the most beautiful leather! I just love it! It's the perfect color and shape and I just love it!!

The inside is a beautiful green suede and red. It's like christmas inside of this bag! It's just so beautiful in all it's glory! If you haven't seen this bag check out the QVC video and also my Youtube video and make your decision but it is truly an absolutely gorgeous bag!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn Book Review

"Dark Places" , what would you expect of this book right off the bat when you read the title?? I read one other Gillian Flynn book and somewhat had an idea of her style of writing and so I didn't expect this to be a Stephen King novel with blood and gore but I didn't know what to expect.

This review is based solely on my own opinion after reading this book. I will not giveaway anything in the book only share how I felt reading the book. I picked this book up as a summer read and I don't think I would recommend that you do the same. This book is about a murdered family and a girl who had survived. It's very very dark. I literally felt depressed and very sad reading this book. The book is written in the perspective of the main character, the girl who survived the murder and she is not a happy person. I would expect her to not be happy but she is in a very very dark place. The story follows the same style of writing that I have seen before with this author in the sense that you get an ending and then the story builds to it. For example, you find out early on that her family is murdered and then characters build around this scenario and so do the events that lead up to it. Who is to blame and how the main character relives this awful experience. I did not feel alot of suspense with this book. I did feel as though it was a quick read because I did want to know what happened in the end.
As far as character development I did not fall in love with any in particular. I didn't have strong emotions or attachment to any of the characters. The story moves quickly with some chapters taking longer than they should.
Overall, I do recommend reading this book but definitely not if you are sitting poolside or at a beach. This is a very dark story and probably best cuddled up by a fire in the winter time. The ending was slightly disappointing I wanted more and didn't feel like I got enough. I'm glad I read this story and will continue to read books by this author in the future.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Rehab Update on Rocking horse

This project has really been such a pleasure and the results were better than I expected!!
Here are the before

The hair was very matted and the tale was missing. I initially thought I could put doll hair but then decided to use yarn.

I think it turned out pretty cute for a little girl.
It definitely needed some paint. Alot of the old paint has chipped away and needed to be brightened up.

Some of the little knots were missing as well. I used polymer clay and glued them in. I decided on the polymer because you can customize the size and that's what I had on hand.

Here is what the knot looked like when I made it out of the polymer clay.

In the picture posted above you can see the knot and also the little seat was dirty. I ended up replacing the seat with a purple terry cloth material.

And......Here is the final pony!!

Yay!! It's finally done!! I'm so very very excited with the finished product! With some fresh paint and some new hair it looks like a new pony. I kept the face because I loved the vintage look to it!!
What are your thoughts??
Have you done and great fixer uppers??
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Skin Review

I was so excited when Sephora offered a travel size of this product for $15! I am always looking for a great beauty balm. With Naked skin the product has an spf of 20. This is wonderful always want to have a great amount of protection to just throw on your face and go out the door.
It's oil free. My skin is combination and in the hot summer months I think it's important to have a product that is oil free. It claims to have DNA repair and optical blurring.
How I feel about products that claim optical blurring etc is something that I'm not heart broken over if the product doesn't actually do it. I think it's rare to find something that actually does it but a great bonus if it does.

Here is what the product description on the website state:
It's not just any beauty balm – it's Naked Skin Beauty Balm – the BB cream with INSANE benefits. Unlike a lot of beauty balms, Naked Skin delivers measurable anti-aging benefits – and we've got the claims to prove it. And while many beauty balms are tinted to provide coverage, ours diffuses light with high-tech pigments to give you amazing, natural, NAKED-looking skin that keeps getting better every week. Naked Skin is like an instant retoucher in a tube! This multitasking formula: • Perfects: Optical blurring pigment instantly evens out skin tone and minimizes pores, lines, wrinkles and redness.

Here is a link to the website:

So I've used this product for almost a month and here are my personal thoughts and reviews. First off the application process. I used a flat top kabuki brush and also a foundation brush. I would not recommend using a brush with this product. When using a brush the brush picks up too much of the product and I don't think you get the benefits of the product. Because the brush picked up so much of this product I didn't even bother using a beauty blender. So using clean fingers is the best way to go with this product. The product when squeezed out of the tube is not too watery and not too thick. I have used some bb creams that are thicker and this I would say is right in the middle as far as consistency.
When I initially placed this on my face I thought it looked great. The coverage is light so unless you have perfect skin you will need a concealer but that's expected. About an hour after applying I looked in the mirror and the product began to almost cake on my face. It became a mask on my face. I looked like I had used halloween makeup. Just to clarify I only used a moisturizer and then applied this product. I was so unhappy with how this product looked on my face. I have tried this product several times in case it was just a one time thing and everytime I have applied this product after an hour it looks like a halloween mask!
If you have dry skin I definitely DO NOT recommend this. I would think that this product will end up sitting in all of your creases and show fine lines and wrinkles.
In conclusion I'm glad that Sephora offered this product at a lower price so that I could try it and realize I didn't like it before buying the larger size.
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Sex and the City 15 Year Anniversary!!

15 years ago on June 6th Sex and the City premiered on HBO. I remember that night very clearly. I was 14 and in my parents basement very eager to learn what this show was all about!!
I think initially I was very bored to be honest. I don't think I understood what they meant or what they were talking about.
Fast forward to college and the show was something I just could not get enough of and just loved it!! I had my first serious relationship by that time, my high school sweet heart whom I dated for almost 5 years. From the time I was 15 until I was 20, he even waited for me to go to college together! Then of course college opens the doors for so many different guys to choose from and that's exactly what happened. The show was something I could start relating to and even some of the shows content was exactly what I had shared with my girlfriends. I think the older I got the more I loved this show.
Samantha is definitely the character I can most relate to and the one I loved. The fact that she was smart, beautiful and very successful. SHE was the one who decided when and were she wanted a man. She had many of them including the UPS guy but it's because she wanted it. If a man were to do what she did he is considered a Don Draper but if a woman does it..... so i loved her for that. She also loves sex and so do I!! She always surprises me like episode where she sees the priest and decides that he is "Friar F*uck" and starts to donate cans of soup to try and get in his pants. I love that she took nude photos of herself and had them hanging in her apartment and the delivery guy told her "nice ass". She is always entertaining and I think the most light hearted of the bunch.
Carrie, she also really touches my heart, especially with her and Big's relationship. I had a relationship just like that when I graduated college. I became an RN and I began dating an attending at the hospital. He was older, successful and just so exciting that he choose me out of all the other nurses. That relationship was so fun but I knew also so bad. I was always hurt in that relationship. We would break up and make up so many times and every time it became worse and worse but somehow we always found our way back to each other. The big difference with him and Big was that he ended up putting his hands on me during one of those big fights and that was the end of that!!
Charlotte was just too naive for me to relate but I have friends just like her and Miranda is a little to serious and cold for me to be like her but again I have friends just like her.
So tonight on the anniversary the network E! is playing the Sex and the City movie. I sat there watching this movie and I could so much feel Carrie's pain. How disappointed she was and how badly she wanted her happy ending. I could feel that and remember the pain I felt in my relationship. How she felt she could never laugh again, that awful feeling in her stomach. I know that feeling. The worst part going back to your apartment and picking up the pieces. I had to do that as well. I lived with my ex and we had a dog and a condo, had to start all over again!! I remember all that pain and as Carrie went through the motions I could relate to everything. I could feel her joy at the end and almost small hesitation about Big!
In conclusion I think we all love this show so much because we relate. It's our life in someway, maybe not so glam and our friends slightly different but still we can relate. We can relate to the funky spunk, and the dilemma of the guy who eats you out and wants to make out right away to the guy (Aiden) that is the good guy and loves us so much but we still end it. Some how we love those girls and it never gets old I still watch them whenever I catch a rerun!

Happy Anniversary Sex and the City!!!!!!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Rehabbing an Old Rocking Horse

I recently stumbled upon a beautiful old rocking horse!! My neighbors are so sweet and they have children that are already grown and off to college so she brought out this great old rocking horse. It's a beautiful pony but it definitely needs some help.

The first thing that I decided to do was to fix the pony's hair. The hair on this thing looked like matted old carpeting. Cleaning it was not going to be an option because it was so matted so I decided to just cut it all off. I grabbed a big pair of scissors and I started to cut it all off!!

My next dilemma is what can I substitute for hair? I initially thought that I would get the doll hair and start gluing that on but that might be hard to maintain and isn't the friendliest for babies/kids cause they like to put things in their mouths. So I decided that I would use yarn. That idea to use yarn brought back the memory of my first cabbage patch doll and she had all this brown yarn for hair!!
I immediately ran over to Micheals and quickly found the yarn aisle. My first grab was just white yarn and then some colorful yarn caught my eye. I stood there and debated for awhile but decided to go with the colorful yarn. I think it might make the pony more of a fantasy, cirque du soleil kind of a thing!

Here is what I have done so far!! I am still not done with the hair I've only begun but I was so excited to share the progress so far!!
This is my main project for now so I will continue to post as I make progress on the pony!
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Book Review: The Dinner by Herman Koch

I had seen this book at Target numerous times. I like to take a walk in the book section of Target to see what's new and what's popular. This book, The Dinner, had been catching my eye for awhile now. I went home and decided I would place an electronic hold for this book from the public library. I was 1 out of 56 on hold for this book so I became more excited. As soon as I got notification that I was able to borrow the book I quickly downloaded it on my nook. Here is what I thought!

First impression: "Wait that's it?!" I kept pressing the next button hoping for more of the book. It wasn't because I fell so in love with the story but instead felt like there needed to be more things explained.

Overview of the story without giving anything away: main character is the one speaking to us and we are exposed to all of his intimate thoughts and feelings. If you have read the book Gone Girl, the story gives you something that's happened and it backtracks to then explain what is how it happened. For example, they are at the dinner but we only later know why these two couples met for dinner. I think the author does a great job with this. The story does take place at a dinner in a fancy restaurant which initially i though how in the world can this be a book, but give it a chance it may surprise you! There is a total of four characters and you get to know each one and how they relate to the main character. There is a twist in the story that leaves you with 'Well where is this going now?' But develops and has you wanting more. As the dinner goes on the main character is flooded with memories that place personalities to the characters at the dinner. The story becomes more intense and there is a murder involved. There is somewhat of a who done it type of feeling but by no means is it like Clue where you keep guessing who the murderer is. The story does touch on some personality/mental disorders along with issues that normal families can face. It can be a little emotional but the other does not go into much detail which i wish he kind of would have done because then there may have been more of an impact. Overall I would place this book in the category of crime/drama.

Characters: there are 4 important characters that are at the dinner and the main character with whom we explore his world and develop a relationship with each of the attendees at the dinner.

The Good: I like how the story backtracks almost like the movie the Hangover. You get to know what's happened but then the story does a wonderful job of combing back through the main characters thoughts and beliefs leaving you the reader saying 'aha' to yourself.

The bad: I felt a little jiped! I wanted to know more of what happened and what the future will hold for these characters. I had to retread the last chapter to make sure I didn't miss something but I felt as though I was involved with the characters enough to want to know what happens now!!

I will give this book 3 1/2 stars out of 5. I definitely think its worth your time. The book is about 286 pages and can be read quickly. Took me about 4 days but that's because I have a 5 month old keeping me busy. It's not a book that is a classic that I will come back to over and over again or one that I simply fell in love with the characters but I think it's worth a read! I highly recommend this book for the beach or a plane ride. It's not a story that you need to pay close attention to and so if you get distracted for one reason or another you can just catch up fairly quickly!
Hope you guys will benefit from the review!
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Maybelline dream fresh BB review

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB!!!

Ok so I'm not behind on this product. I have actually been using this product a fair amount. I didn't think I needed to do this review until I noticed how much of this product I had been using. This has quickly become an all time favorite and something I find myself reaching for day after day. 
       The formula of this product is so light weight and easily smoothes out your face and very easy to apply. As a new mom I needed something to put on my face so that I would feel better about myself and could face all the visitors coming to see the baby with a face that I was not embarrassed to show people!

The packaging is wonderful. I small sleek plastic bottle. You can throw this in your purse easily. Makeup bag, it doesn't take up too much space. You get 1.0 FL OZ of this product. The color selection is kind of a general guess but the product sheers out so beautifully that as long as you are within the ball park of your skin tone then you will be fine.  There are 5 tones that this product comes in.

The product claims to do the following:
An 8-in-1 skin perfector
-blurs imperfections
-evens skin tone
-protects with SPF 30
-0% oils and heavy ingredients

So I can agree to some of the above.  I would say that it evens skin tone, but you will for sure need a concealer if you have blemishes.  It does hydrate your skin and leaves a very pretty glow to your skin. I would not say that you are dewy by any means but you do have some glow to the skin.  I think that the SPF in this product is a definite benefit.  This is great for the summer because it's such a light product and you can wear it outdoors and be protected from the sun.
Now I have very very sensitive skin and I can say this did NOT make me breakout. It's one of the main reasons I really love this product.  
Will I repurchase this product??? ABSOLUTELY!!

To give you an idea of products that I have tried and how my face reacts to it: Clinique even better foundations is very greasy on my skin and I look extremely shiney.  Neutragena healthy glow is one of my favorites and looks beautiful on my skin.  Nars sheer glow is a perfect foundation for me and I even used it for my wedding day!  Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer really did nothing for my face so I had to give it away.  Make up forever matte velvet works beautifully on me.  So there is an idea if those work for you this product will as well!

(above) the light/medium on my hand

 (above) sheered out on my hand

Overall, a wonderful product. For the price and what the product does definitely worth it!!