Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ulta Haul!!

Ulta Haul!!!!

So, I went to Ulta today and did just a little damage!! I did get some really great products and wanted to share those with you. I will have some tutorials to come so please check out my channel!!

The first thing I got is something I am really excited about because I am always on the hunt for something that will really work on my nails. I did try these out but I won't post the pictures because I plan on doing a tutorial once I give these a good trial run. I don't want to tell you something is great unless I really mean it. So these are suppose to give you gel nails without the UV light. It is a little tricky but I think after doing it a couple of times it will become easier. There were a few options for color to choose from and this was the color that I went with.

It comes with three bottles. The applicator, the nail color and then a cleaning bottle. 

The second product I got I really am excited to try because I think that essence is a pretty good quality nailpolish and it's only 99 cents!! Incredible!!

This color is a great color for fall I think and I can't wait to start wearing it!!

BUTTER LONDON!!! Some really great sales!!

I have not taken the plunge to purchase anything Butter London but I finally did today and here is why....

I know it's crazy...right?!?!?
Well I saw this duo and I thought this is the time to try this out. I think that you get two great products and for a good price. I'm have tried the powder room nailpolish remover and I thought it was amazing. I had red nail polish on and it removed it with one swipe so I was really really excited about that.

So these were some of the more exciting things that I picked up. Please check out my youtube channel for the full haul!!

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