Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Skin Review

I was so excited when Sephora offered a travel size of this product for $15! I am always looking for a great beauty balm. With Naked skin the product has an spf of 20. This is wonderful always want to have a great amount of protection to just throw on your face and go out the door.
It's oil free. My skin is combination and in the hot summer months I think it's important to have a product that is oil free. It claims to have DNA repair and optical blurring.
How I feel about products that claim optical blurring etc is something that I'm not heart broken over if the product doesn't actually do it. I think it's rare to find something that actually does it but a great bonus if it does.

Here is what the product description on the website state:
It's not just any beauty balm – it's Naked Skin Beauty Balm – the BB cream with INSANE benefits. Unlike a lot of beauty balms, Naked Skin delivers measurable anti-aging benefits – and we've got the claims to prove it. And while many beauty balms are tinted to provide coverage, ours diffuses light with high-tech pigments to give you amazing, natural, NAKED-looking skin that keeps getting better every week. Naked Skin is like an instant retoucher in a tube! This multitasking formula: • Perfects: Optical blurring pigment instantly evens out skin tone and minimizes pores, lines, wrinkles and redness.

Here is a link to the website:

So I've used this product for almost a month and here are my personal thoughts and reviews. First off the application process. I used a flat top kabuki brush and also a foundation brush. I would not recommend using a brush with this product. When using a brush the brush picks up too much of the product and I don't think you get the benefits of the product. Because the brush picked up so much of this product I didn't even bother using a beauty blender. So using clean fingers is the best way to go with this product. The product when squeezed out of the tube is not too watery and not too thick. I have used some bb creams that are thicker and this I would say is right in the middle as far as consistency.
When I initially placed this on my face I thought it looked great. The coverage is light so unless you have perfect skin you will need a concealer but that's expected. About an hour after applying I looked in the mirror and the product began to almost cake on my face. It became a mask on my face. I looked like I had used halloween makeup. Just to clarify I only used a moisturizer and then applied this product. I was so unhappy with how this product looked on my face. I have tried this product several times in case it was just a one time thing and everytime I have applied this product after an hour it looks like a halloween mask!
If you have dry skin I definitely DO NOT recommend this. I would think that this product will end up sitting in all of your creases and show fine lines and wrinkles.
In conclusion I'm glad that Sephora offered this product at a lower price so that I could try it and realize I didn't like it before buying the larger size.
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