Saturday, May 25, 2013

Book Review: The Dinner by Herman Koch

I had seen this book at Target numerous times. I like to take a walk in the book section of Target to see what's new and what's popular. This book, The Dinner, had been catching my eye for awhile now. I went home and decided I would place an electronic hold for this book from the public library. I was 1 out of 56 on hold for this book so I became more excited. As soon as I got notification that I was able to borrow the book I quickly downloaded it on my nook. Here is what I thought!

First impression: "Wait that's it?!" I kept pressing the next button hoping for more of the book. It wasn't because I fell so in love with the story but instead felt like there needed to be more things explained.

Overview of the story without giving anything away: main character is the one speaking to us and we are exposed to all of his intimate thoughts and feelings. If you have read the book Gone Girl, the story gives you something that's happened and it backtracks to then explain what is how it happened. For example, they are at the dinner but we only later know why these two couples met for dinner. I think the author does a great job with this. The story does take place at a dinner in a fancy restaurant which initially i though how in the world can this be a book, but give it a chance it may surprise you! There is a total of four characters and you get to know each one and how they relate to the main character. There is a twist in the story that leaves you with 'Well where is this going now?' But develops and has you wanting more. As the dinner goes on the main character is flooded with memories that place personalities to the characters at the dinner. The story becomes more intense and there is a murder involved. There is somewhat of a who done it type of feeling but by no means is it like Clue where you keep guessing who the murderer is. The story does touch on some personality/mental disorders along with issues that normal families can face. It can be a little emotional but the other does not go into much detail which i wish he kind of would have done because then there may have been more of an impact. Overall I would place this book in the category of crime/drama.

Characters: there are 4 important characters that are at the dinner and the main character with whom we explore his world and develop a relationship with each of the attendees at the dinner.

The Good: I like how the story backtracks almost like the movie the Hangover. You get to know what's happened but then the story does a wonderful job of combing back through the main characters thoughts and beliefs leaving you the reader saying 'aha' to yourself.

The bad: I felt a little jiped! I wanted to know more of what happened and what the future will hold for these characters. I had to retread the last chapter to make sure I didn't miss something but I felt as though I was involved with the characters enough to want to know what happens now!!

I will give this book 3 1/2 stars out of 5. I definitely think its worth your time. The book is about 286 pages and can be read quickly. Took me about 4 days but that's because I have a 5 month old keeping me busy. It's not a book that is a classic that I will come back to over and over again or one that I simply fell in love with the characters but I think it's worth a read! I highly recommend this book for the beach or a plane ride. It's not a story that you need to pay close attention to and so if you get distracted for one reason or another you can just catch up fairly quickly!
Hope you guys will benefit from the review!
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