Monday, September 9, 2013

Make Your Own Baby Food

Ok, so my little one has had ALOT of tummy issues! Since she was born we've had troubles. As much as I wish I could have breast fed her an entire year my milk started to dry up at 4 months. I tried everything and couldn't keep up with milk for her so I had to start giving her formula.  We went through about 6 formulas before I found Gerber's gentle start and that thank goodness that has worked for her. It took a long time and some trips to the pediatrician to figure this out.  Then when I could start feeding solids I was so nervous cause we had such a hard time with formula!!

The first day..... I was so nervous!! I brought down the baby bullet and pulled out all this fresh produce from Whole Foods and began following the recipes in the baby bullet book.  Once baby had her nap and was in good spirits I sat her in her high chair and we began to eat.  She loved it!! I had no problems! I thought Oh thank goodness I'm not going to have any problems with eating solids! I high fived myself and everything.  I put the baby down that night and she went to sleep. Now she is not a good sleeper so I thought when we started eating solids she would sleep better.  I settled into bed and started to read, fell asleep at about 11:30 pm and then by 1:30 a.m. my baby was shrieking. I went running in her room and she was literally bent over in a back bend and just screaming!! I didn't know what was wrong with her. I picked her up and tried to soothe her but she was besides herself. I walked around with her and did everything to soothe her but she didn't calm down until 6 am.  I was pretty sure it was related to the food but still fed her the next day.  Again the same thing and so I called the pediatrician. Went in and they did scans because my daughter was just so besides herself.  I didn't allow too many more instead I opted to wait on the solids until we hit 6 months.  Once she hit 6 months I had the same issue until someone said to start her on the store bought because it's easier.  So it's been a long process but I'm finally able to get out the baby bullet and not having any issues!!!

As you can guess I am just so excited that I've been coming up with combinations that have worked and my daughter just loves.  When I get produce I make sure it's organic and anything that's seasonal I love to get for her.  I also don't make large batches of food because I do like to make it pretty fresh for her so I make food every other day.

The first recipe that is a major success:

Avocado, Plum, Apple!

This is such a hit with my daughter that she eats almost 3 jars!
1 avocado
1 apple (I used Gala ones)
1 Plum

This will make approximately 4 baby bullet jars

Avocado, Carrot, Plum 

She likes this one, but I personally thought this tasted wonderful.  The plum keeps them nice and regular also!

1 avocado
5 baby carrots
1 Plum

This made approximately 4 baby bullet jars

Banana, Apple, Cantaloupe

This smells so wonderful and my daughter just loved it! I will throw this in the mix but keep in mind that banana's can be constipating.

A little more then half of a banana
1 apple (I used Gala)
approximately 5 cubes of cantaloupe

This made 4 very full baby bullet jars!

Hope you give these a try and I hope your little one loves it as much as mine!!

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