Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rose Madder by Stephen King

I initially heard about this oldie but goodie when I was reading an AMA on reddit.com. If you are unfamiliar with this website you should definitely check out this website. One of the sections on this site is an ask me anything. What's great is that sometimes you get celebrities and sometime you get someone who writes letter to people in prison, ask me anything. So it's really interesting and one day Stephen King happened to be on there. I'm assuming he went on there because he was promoting his new book Joyland (have not read this yet). I was intrigued being that I am a pretty big King fan. I love pretty much all the books that he has written. During the AMA everyone kept referring to his Dark Towers series which is pretty good and has it's own following but I've heard of it before. Rose Madder was mentioned several times and I have never ever heard of this one. People had stated that it changed their lives after reading it so of course I had to check it out. It's a book he wrote in 1995 but takes place in the 80's.

After hearing all these great reviews I was very excited to get my hands on a copy. I will not at any time give away anything in my review and this review is strictly based on my own opinions.
King really delves in on domestic violence in this book. It's fairly graphic and intense at times so if you don't have a strong stomach it might take a lot for you to get through some of the parts. The main character shares her journey after leaving this man who has abused her for 14 years and how she might finally begin living life again only to find out that he is out to find her. There is a constant fear throughout the book that you need to watch your back. There are some parts of the book that are a big wordy and you catch yourself saying 'ok come on' or ok I get it can we move on. King explains and paints pictures very vividly for you in this book. King also takes the main character through a superficial world which helps the character out. This part of the book is a little strange and I think King wants you to interpret it how you want to.
Overall, I wouldn't say that it's my favorite King book. I believe it's worth a read if you are a fan. The book is close to 400 pages so it's time consuming but only because there is so much explaining and picture painting that you can see the world through the main characters eyes. The story does not move very quickly so if you are looking for action packed and things happening all the time then this book is not for you. It's really well written and great character build. Interesting story line with occasional graphic scenes but what else would you expect from King?!?

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