Monday, December 30, 2013

DryBar Buttercup Review

Look at this gorgeous Blowout in a Box!!! I was immediately drawn to this item when I saw it on Sephora's website.  I really was looking for a new blowdryer. I did feel like it was time to retire my blowdryer from college. It has been with me a long time and it does have a little retractable button so the cord is never in the way but it is time to retire it! I never thought that having an expensive blowdryer would make a difference but after having one I can say that yes it does. The old dryer was drying out my hair and it was taking  forever to dry!! This hair dryer doesn't blow as hot of air but it seems to dry my hair so much faster. It's honestly some pretty awesome technology.
So let me break down what's inside of the box.

I am going to let you admire the super pretty yellow color. I love it!! It's not an obnoxious yellow at all. I think it stands out beautiful and it puts a smile on my face every time I use it. The matching yellow brush is absolutely adorable as well!

The body of the blow dryer is very light weight. It's almost surprising how light it is in your hand.  The settings are very simple to use. There is a cool button that you can press for a burst of cool air. You can also just blow dry with cool air. You can blow dry in medium setting that is just slightly warmer or you can choose to dry at high heat. I use the medium setting tip my hair is about 90% dry and then I do the high heat and place velcro rollers to the top of my head for extra volume.  The cord is very very long but doesn't tangle. I see this as a plus!  The lint trap comes with a replaceable one and is also very easy to clean. 

The round brush is called the medium pint. It's a great size. I do like a slightly larger round brush but this works just fine. I have no frizz and no flyways when using this brush. My hair does not tangle easily and when using this brush I feel like I get a very professional blow out look.  The bristles are soft but stiff to touch.  

Now lets get into the products mentioned:

The Happy Hour Shampoo and Conditioner. I will not be purchasing the full size of any of these products. After using the shampoo I did not get a lather and did not feel as though it cleaned my hair very thoroughly. I felt as though it was difficult to remove the product from my hair as well. I basically wanted to shampoo my hair again!  The conditioner I did not feel it made too much of a difference. It's very thin and I prefer conditioner that are more creamy in consistency.

 As for the Hot Toddy heat protector and frizz fighter. I did not see too great of a difference in my hair. I like using the Macadamia products and that to me works better than this product. It has a very thin consistency to it and only a small amount is needed but it's not enough for me to give up the products that I am currently using and purchasing a full size.

Now this product I definitely will be purchasing the full size of. I think this was a major game changer. I put this in when my hair is about 90% dry and then use the round brush and do the blow out. WOW!! My hair looked like it was professionally blown out. Definitely made my hair look like it belonged in a Pantene commercial. It made my hair look shiny and strong and the blow out lasted almost 4 days. This for me is definitely worth buying!

Hope you enjoyed my review on the Buttercup and the accessories it came with. This is a product that I am overall very very happy with. I am so glad that I made the decision to purchase it. I love the color and also the way it has changed the amount of time I spend drying my hair. The lightweight helps with my hand not hurting while holding my arm up. I highly recommend this purchase!!
Please check out my video if you would like to see more on this product!

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  1. I see many wants to compare T3 luxe with dry bar hair dryer. I don't know why but believe that T3 is better one.