Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bath & Body works has competition with Scentsy!!

So recently went to a party where this girl had 4 venders including myself for at home parties. I call them home parties not sure if that is what they are actually called but they are the ones where the lady comes to your house and she either tries to sell you some stuff or shows you how amazing something you don't need is!! Well this girl had a 31 something representative which was great and they have alot of utility totes etc. Then there was a scentsy vendor. I had never heard of it prior to being at this party.  Let's just say that I found a new obsession.  She had a bunch of warmers available.....

Side note about what they have available. They are basically scented wax that you put in a warmer and your home smells divine. I have had the Walmart kind before and it was alright but not something I became obsessed over. Well my girlfriend convinced me that these were way better. She was right! I ended up getting two warmers and 5 scents!

 I'm only showing the plugin  that I purchased and one of the scent packs. It's really adorable and it has a light so it really helps in the bathroom at night time. The light is bright enough that I don't have to turn on the light at night and I'm not stumbling all over the place.   This actually will be replacing most of my Bath and Body Works plug ins (pictured below). The reason being is that these scents stay the same and don't start off really strong and then fade. I have read so many horror stories about the plugins catching fire. With the Scentsy plug in there is an on and off switch so you can turn it off. The aroma of the scent is just beautiful and I will continue to use my scentsy warmers and discontinue the use of the plugins from Bath & Body works.
Although the plug ins at B &BWs are really cute they do have a life of 6 months so you have to repurchase them often. I did confirm this with a sales rep and she did state that they do have a life span of 6 months. Kind of a bummer if you really really like one and would like to keep it around for a while.  I will insert a really cute snowman that scentsy has, it's not a wall plug in but a super adorable warmer regardless.

That little guy is just too stinking cute!!

Let me go over the pricing and how I justify the purchasing of these! Most of the plug ins are $20 but if B &BWs are about 4 for $20 and that's when a sale is going on they are about $5 a piece. You will need to repurchase every 6 months and if you want more than one in your home you will be spending way more then the one time of $20 for a warmer that will last you probably forever. The only thing you need to replace are the light bulbs.  Secondly the fragrance packs are $5 and there are about 9 cubes that fit in the pack. I use 1 cube every 2-3 weeks.  If someone is hosting a party they can offer you a better deal. For example at this party that I was at she had 3 for $12!!

You be the judge and check out scentsy it might change the way your home smells!!

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