Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rainbow Sprinkle Manicure

So I love the caviar nail polish but I didn't actually buy the one that is offered at Sephora. Instead I went to Micheals (craft store) and purchased micro beads from the Martha Stewart collection. There is a large variety of colors to choose from and also you can mix alot of the colors together.
I made my own video on the process which I will link at the bottom of this blog.
Realistically the manicure can only last for a few days because the beads start to fall off. I do apply a clear coat to the tips of the nails to save some of the beads but they do begin to fall off. This manicure is great for special events and if you are tired of the same old manicures. If you choose the inexpensive route and go to your local craft store it's not as expensive and you have SO many more colors to choose from!!

Here is a link to my youtube video on how to achieve this manicure.

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