Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY: A No Sew Tote bag!!!

I needed a new lunch bag and stumbled upon a video on how to make tote bags without sewing. As much as I would like to get better at sewing I still am not great at it. So the video I watched showed me how to make a tote using fabric, staples, and duct tape! Now when I went to the fabric store I was excited to find that they already had little pre-cut 18" x 21" pieces for only $1.99!!! Now they make duck tape in all these great fun colors so I just had a field day with picking out colors and patterns. Then belting is required to make the little handles and with a few staples you will have the following product!!

What you are seeing in the above picture is this pretty black and grey small rose pattern on the fabric and on the interior I used little skull and cross bone duck tape!! This was such a fun and easy way to make a cute and personalized tote bag to bring along my lunches to work. I bought a few patterns so I will make a few more for my friends and I will also make a larger tote so that I can use these bags for my groceries!! Yes these bags are sturdy enough that they can carry all your heavy groceries and even heavy books!! Who knew that duct tape was such an amazing thing!!
This was my first stab at this project, I will make another one and post step by step photos of how I made this super cute tote!!

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