Sunday, September 16, 2012

e.l.f little black BEAUTY Book of makeup!!

So I was at my local Target when I stumbled upon this great little display of e.l.f. cosmetics!! If you are unfamiliar with e.l.f (eyes lips face), they are primarily found at Targets and more of their products can be found on their website. The prices are extremely affordable and they are often over looked because of them being so budget friendly. Many of the products that I have used have been wonderful. An example, their brush cleaner is $3 and it's absolutely wonderful. They have a matte lipstick that I got for $3 and I absolutely love the formula and color. The black gel liner also $3 is one of the creamiest and smoothest formulas that I have found.
So when I saw this on the display I just had to get it.

The size alone is just precious! it fits comfortably in your hand and has 48 eye shadows to choose from. The warm phython edition was the one I choose and it cost me $6.99! There is a little mirror inside as well which would be great for travel. The color selection ranges from warm earthy tones to more colored jewel tones.

- This is one side of the palette. So as you can see there are some pinks and purples,blues, greens and even great highlight colors!!

The other side of the palette that has the mirror has alot of great neutral warm tones to work with!

The exterior has a darling little python skin and the quality of the packaging is amazing and it will protect your shadows from cracking if you do decide to travel with them!

Overall, great bang for your buck! Tons of colors to choose from. The quality of the shadows is great. They have great color pay off. I did not experience any creasing with them, although I did prime my lids prior to applying.
I just think that it's great to have in your collection.
The other two that I saw , one had more cool tones and another also had warm tones but I could not pass up the super cute python exterior!

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