Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nook Simple Touch with Glow Review

So I have been a fan of ereaders for a long time. Initially I thought that it would be difficult to part with 'real' books. I love turning the pages of a book and the smell that books have. I just love books! When amazon came out with the kindle I thought there was no way that I would want that. But somehow I was on the waiting list for one and got my self an e reader. This started a whole new way of reading for me. I could carry around multiple books because the ease of carrying one around was just amazing. For some reason one day I decided I miss real books and sold my kindle on ebay. About two years ago when I was walking through my local barnes and noble there it was again, an e reader.
Barnes and noble had this pretty display with all these colors and a representative that was there, well naturally I was sold! I bought the simple nook touch. I absolutely loved that thing. I was downloading from the library and from barnes and noble. I convinced several people that they needed to buy one as well and they did!! I started lending books and just became obsessed with books even more than I was before!!
Until about a week ago......
We took a trip up to Michigan and I was so excited to lay around all day and catch up on my reading. Enjoy the fresh air. Well when dusk began to approach I realized quickly that the one thing I forgot was my book light!! I was so upset!! So naturally we came back into town and I had to order the nook with the glow light!

I can not rave enough about this product!! It has the most perfect amount of light that shines on my reading so I can read whenever where ever. Was I concerned about battery life? Heck ya I was but Nook has some incredible folks that work there because they figured out how to make the battery life even with the glow on last you about a month!! Why do I feel like this is the superior e reader on the market?
~ It's light weight. I never leave home without it. I always carry it in my purse and fire it up if I'm waiting at the doctors office, on my lunch break, a line at the nail salon, you name it and you can always have your nook. The size is slightly bigger than an adults hand

~ I love the e-ink technology. For those of you who think that you can't do away with books. Well just pick this up at the barnes and noble and you might think twice about it.

~Reading at night is a wonderful experience. I can turn on the glow light and read comfortably. The light weight of this product does not hurt my hand or wrist.

~ Downloading books from the library is one of my favorite parts of owning a nook. I do like to purchase my books, especially on Fridays because there are so many discounted books, but borrowing from the library is almost like an adventure. You may have to be put on a waiting list, but sometimes the anticipation of things is fun. We are so use to getting everything when we want it that having to wait for something feels like a bigger reward in the end!!

In all I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you pick this product up!! If you love to read or are someone who sometimes reads but you don't always remember your books or just forget this will make you fall back in love!!

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