Monday, September 10, 2012

MAC Haul : Cool Essence collection

This one color in particular caught my attention from this MAC collection. I had to go down to my local MAC counter and see this color in person , but I was certain that it would have to be a part of my collection.

This color in the pan looks like a lime green color but it's so striking!!! I had to have it and after seeing this color in person it's more amazing. I'm not sure that the pictures will do it justice but it's such a gorgeous color. When you apply this color the color is very wearable. I know that sometimes MAC comes up with colors that are not always wearable to the office but this color on the eye can be worn to your office.

The color looks very brilliant on the eye! Any eye color will make your eyes pop. Especially if you line your eyes with a black liner and make sure to have gorgeous thick lashes on!! A great crease color to go with this can be a nude color if you want the eye shadow to be the focus or you can use a more red brown color to add to this. I think that this color will be beautiful well into fall.
Swatched on my hand you can see that the color is very wearable. For the fall I added a beautiful burgundy eyeliner and some false lashes and this really made my eyes look gorgeous.

Here is the best part of this shadow which by the way is called 'Brilliantly Lit", is that it has a very cool sensation. It almost has a liquid consistency but really it's just like a regular eye shadow!!

Great product and color that I can't get enough of. If you are looking for something unique to add to your collection this would be the one to add!!

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