Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adorable Little Girl Hair bows!!

I am obsessed with hair bows. Hair bows on little girls that is!! When I found out that I was having a baby girl I think one of the first things that I ever did was look at hair bows on etsy. I ordered a whole bunch of them! Now my little person is almost a year old and I wanted more bows! I like to match her outfits with the bows. I found that I was getting frustrated because I couldn't match them perfectly.

Now Halloween is here. My all time, most favoritist, bestest time of the year! And I only had one hair bow for my daughter!! I searched high and low and I just could not find the right bow. They were either too gaudy, too big or just not cute enough! So here are some that I came up with!1

I went a little crazy!! I had so much fun making them I just couldn't stop! I even made a Thanksgiving/Fall one! My husband saw that I was making them and said what are you going to do with all those. I couldn't even believe that he had to ask but it did give me the idea that I should sell some on etsy!!
So here is my link to my etsy shop:

Now I am truly hooked and I plan on getting some Christmas ones up there!!

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