Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Mothers Curse 2nd Week!

I know I didn't get this up on time but the reality is that life does get in the way sometimes!! LOL that is exactly why I decided to do this book club over a 2 month period of time. For the quick readers it works out because they can continue to read other books and for the slower or ones who have a harder time to find to read are able to keep up!

So for the second week I only read up to Chapter5. I am reading Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children and that book is excellent and has been keeping my attention as well as I have been doing some research for upcoming videos so to be honest I haven't been giving Mother's Curse my full attention. I'm almost done with Miss Peregrine so then Mother's Curse will be my first priority.

So far.... at the end of chapter 2 Stephenie makes it to her mothers chambers which sound like they are on the other side of the planet. I just love all these old castles and the many many guards and all the obstacles that she had to go through to make it. I even got lost trying to imagine what it looked like. Her mother sounds like a peach and is definitely up to something no good. We know she was probably behind Stephenie's guards missing and the fact that her mother's guards are so disrespectful to her is unreal!

In Chapter 3, we meet Sergeant Henton. He sounds like he is a stand up kind of rugged handsome man. We assume Stephenie was running off to see if she can find her father and brothers. We know that she is freakishly strong because she took a punch from the Sarge and I'm guessing he has a pretty mean punch!! I like that Stephenie is feisty and she can fend for herself. She is rude and crude to the Sarge even though he is quite nice to her. I can't believe how she gets beaten up by the guards. If she didn't have some super natural healing powers she would be hospitalized!!

In Chapter 4 we see that Stephanie starts to maybe let her guard down a little towards Henton. I'm guessing that she is desperate to have somebody that she can trust. I think she just wants someone to be on her side and that's probably why she might be letting her guard down a little. She seems to be staying in her chambers but also planning of getting out. She is torn because she does realize that if she does run then peoples lives won't be protected.

I'm enjoying the book so far. I like that Stephenie is a strong female character. I like that she  is meeting with the Sarge because I feel like this could be a great friendship. I do feel like there is some adventure coming our way soon!!

What are your thoughts so far? Are we going to slow for you? Please share your thoughts!!


  1. So far so good! It's great to see the review from you. Yes, the castle is a maze and has many obstacles whether she takes the backroad or the highroad.

  2. Enjoying your review! Also, I mentioned you in my blog today!
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