Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A DIY Alternative to the Emily Ley/Whitney English Daily Planner

Ok so as soon as I saw these beautiful planners online I was intrigued. Both planners from Emily Ley and Whitney English are gorgeous. I love the simple yet elegant design as well as it being a daily planner. I don't think that I have every used a daily planner and I read and watched as many videos as I could on these two planners. The more I read about them the more I wanted them but the problem I was running into was that I could not find this planner anywhere!! I could not find it anywhere and believe me I searched high and low!!

Soooooo.....being that I am someone that has to have it right away. I get an idea in my head and I have to have it right away. I know I know the 2015 ones from both of these ladies comes out soon but I want to start using one now!!

I made my own of course!! Here is what I did!

I started off by looking for the right notebook. I went to Target and found this gorgeous hard cover notebook and I loved the size. I found 2 at Micheals that were also great and $1.98. They are a bit smaller and I gravitated more to this one. 

Inside I tried to look for as many photos as I could find to look for similar templates of the Ley/English planners.

I found a pretty google image and made a title page. I am still working on the tabs but these are what I am using for now. 

The Year at a  glance and title page for the month of September. I love making planners beautiful because i'm drawn to them and want to use them more!

I just google or go onto pinterest and look for pictures of things that are inspiring and then copy and paste them into a word document. 

The month spread I had purchased from someone on etsy and I have used these over and over again. I love the really pretty design and it's colorful yet clean looking!

As for the daily pages, again I modeled from the Ley/English pages that I could find pictures of online. I have a section that is timed and I changed the times to work for me. I left the space blank for quotes because I like to look one up each day.

I have a section for monitoring water, fitness and then a space for gratitude for each day! Notes as well as a to do section are also in place.

Using this daily lay out helps me to really get things done. It's broken down so nicely and effectively for me. I just have been noticing that so much more is getting done.

Getting monthly goals written down really helps me to achieve them. Even if it's something like blogging twice a week or getting a run in 3 times a week it really keeps me motivated to have them written down and looking at them each day!

I'm just so happy and excited about this planner. If you would like to know how I printed and got the pages to stay in this notebook please check out my video!!


  1. I love this idea. I can't wait until I get my Arc punch so I can start redesigning my own planners. You have such great ideas, thanks for all the info. Your videos are such a joy to watch, I have also joined in on your book review. Keep up the great ideas as I so look forward to watching.

  2. That was great how you went for it. I also get those moments of get it done myself. Thank for sharing it with us. Love your inspiration.

  3. Hi, I love this planner you made! Can you please share the DAILY PAGE?