Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Mother's Curse First Week Thoughts!!

So I have to admit first and foremost that I have only read the first two chapters but I really really like the book so far!! How is everyone doing so far?? We had two weddings this weekend and my daughter started gymnastics and swimming and I have been doing some research so I have not been able to read as much and this is EXACTLY why I thought it would be great to give ourselves more time to read. I hate being rushed to read something! I really love to enjoy my books and learn the characters.

Ok enough rambling and onto the book. We are getting to know Stephenie our main character. She seems like a girl that I could like. She seems strong willed, smart and very courageous. We know that she likes to read which I always catch this as many main characters in books are big book worms!! It's so funny but I love to catch that in books!  We know that Stephanie's brothers are a big part of her life and they are not with her right now and she misses them terribly.  I can't wait to meet her mother! From what I have read so far I know I'm definitely not going to like her, she is someone who is trying to hide that Stephenie is a witch and finds this to be something negative. We know of one ally hopefully, Doug who was in her chambers when she came down the tower.

As Stephenie creeps through the spooky castle she makes her way to the cook and asks how many prisoners he is cooking for. That's all I've gotten through so far and I have to say that I am hooked. The images I have of this remind me alot of the show Reign on the CW. The main character beautiful and smart. The evil mother also beautiful but evil.

Can't wait to see how the story continues and I hope to get more reading done this week!!

How are all of you liking it so far? I know that some of you have finished it which is amazing and I know some of you are much further along than I am.  Let me know how it's going!!

Have a great week and I will be back next Sunday with another update!!


  1. I am loving it! I have read further on into what we are to read next month but the one thought that I kept having in the beginning was how sad I feel for her because her mother doesn't care for her, however that is part of what has mad her so strong!

  2. Hi, I was writing in my filofax some quotes by fernando pessoa and you came to mind.Have you ever read "the book of disquiet"?

  3. I have read just a tad bit father than you and am loving the fact that we are reading it nice and slow. Our family is so busy that some nights I try to go lay down early to give myself time to read and end up falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.
    I am enjoying the book and like you I am so curious to meet her mother and to find out what happened to Doug, Jenk and Samuel.

  4. I'm a little farther along in the book, too. It's a good book. There was a point where I was losing interest and felt like it was going too slow, but things picked up again. It has lots of promise!