Monday, September 22, 2014

Mothers Curse Week 3!

As I'm reading along this past week all I can think about is is Stephenie going to stay and get Sarge to help her out or is she going to make her escape. Quickly I find out that she is going to make her escape in the night through the floor boards. The hardest part for me during this is trying to envision it. What do these floor boards look like and how small is she?? How many boards does she need to take apart in order to get down there?

Ok, moving on from that she makes it down into complete darkness! This did keep me on edge and nervous for her. I do keep reminding myself that she is a witch and can probably take care of herself or more than your average teenage girl.  So we are suspended in this darkness for what seems like forever and I'm just waiting for something to pop out at her! Stephenie seems to find lots of rubble and hears water which could be good or bad not certain which. It seems as though this is a passage that perhaps has not been used in a very long time.  At the end of the tunnel she may find the edge of a cliff as well. This has kept my attention and kept me on the edge of my seat. Pretty fun to anticipate something.

Finally we make it out of this rubble filled passage and she almost seems like she may get stuck and may need to find another route or another way out but is able to make it through.
During all of this for some reason I'm trying to visualize what she looks like. Is her hair long? Dark? Did I miss this in the book or was I zoned out? Not sure but for some reason  I am having a hard time with my imagination in this book.

We make it out and see that there is a town, or something that looks like a town. It seems abandoned and Stephenie begins to peak into windows and sees that most people's belongings are still there. Can't seem to figure out why people would leave in such a rush without there belongings. Then we peak into another and see a skull. Now some fear is settling in was this town struck with illness and people in fact could not escape.  As she is walking through all I can think is that something has to come out and either attack her or scare her! Something is coming right??

Well she makes it to a library and thinks that there is some apparition or ghost in front of her. He comes straight for her and she feels a sharp pain! Yikes!! Spooky! What the hell was that!? Just as a suspected something just came out of nowhere!!

She quickly undresses and looks at her chest and sees black reptile like skin. I love in fantasy books how we aren't completely shocked by ghosts and reptile like skin showing up on our bodies! Hahah

Well the ghost/apparition begins to speak to her and tells her that she can heal herself. She quickly realizes that maybe he isn't an enemy but not completely sure. As she speaks to him he tells her that she seems to be slow for a person her age and with her abilities. She has no clue how to heal herself or what he is referring to her about. She explains little to him about her mother and her situation but he tells her that she can not leave this town. Her presence has awakened him and that her presence may have done the same for the rest of the town!

This is where I ended last night and I can't wait to see what happens!!
What do you guys think so far?? Are you enjoying it and are you on the edge of your seat as well?
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  1. It's getting really interesting with the introduction of this underground city! The thought of a whole city underground is fascinating to me. I'm hoping Kas can teach her some tricks for dealing with that awful mother of hers!

  2. I was really drawn in by the whole underground city, but for awhile thought she would never get out of there. I've passed chapter 10 and probably shouldn't say any more, in case not everyone is past that point?????