Monday, January 20, 2014

A Midori ....Oh no a Faux-dori!!

On my mission this New Year I was looking for the perfect planner. I have an Erin Condren planner which I absolutely love and I did a review on this planner because I really do love it but I wanted something that I could customize even more. Where did I turn to....well Pinterest, Youtube and blogs of course. I spent hours and days looking for one and I finally found it........a Filofax!!

Yes the filofax, how I drooled over this planner on Pinterest. All the beautiful inserts and washi tape and stickers, oh I just could not get enough. I watched endless hours on how people organized their planners and all the printables I was able to find I just knew this planner was something I had to have.

Well all that research and I finally placed my order but in the middle of searching for this perfect planner I also stumbled upon a community that uses Midori Travelers notebooks. I was immediately intrigued because I love notebooks. All kinds and I love small ones, large ones, fancy ones etc.  I have plenty of Moleskines and I pretty much use them for everything!!

Well the Midori was awesome because I could have multiple little notebooks all in one carrier with a beautiful piece of leather and some great elastics. It looks so beautiful and when I watched reviews I also became obsessed with this little notebook. I almost pressed the order button but then refrained because of the price. Yes it's a beautiful piece of leather and yes I use notebooks all the time but I could not justify the price....$65.00!! My husband would kill me. Now this isn't to say that I will never purchase one but I set out to find something that acted like a Midori but wasn't so expensive. Where else would I turn but Etsy.

Oh how I adore Etsy. My prayers were answered and I found this great kit that acted like a Midori and I could even dye the leather!!!

A wonderful Etsy seller and this kit was only $14.95 plus shipping which I think was $2. It came so fast!! I ordered some leather dye off of Amazon in an oxblood color because I just think it's so beautiful and I began my little project. First I dyed the leather which is super super easy to do and not as messy as I thought.

Oh I just get giddy with this thing. By the way the size on this is the passport which is smaller but it comes with a Cahier Moleskine notebook and I have tons of these so it was the perfect size for me!!

Putting the elastic together is so easy and then I just used rubber bands to hold the notebooks together!

Oh it's just so beautiful and I love it so much! I want to get more and dye them all different colors!! Great kit to get if you are interested in getting a Midori but don't want to pay the price!

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