Friday, January 10, 2014

Awesome Gadget the Astro Mini quick charger!!

On my mission to find a quick battery charger I found this little beauty!!

Why you might ask did I even look for this gadget? Well I hoped you would ask that question. I catch myself so many times where I am out of the house and I have about 5% battery left on my iPhone! I get so mad when that happens. Not only do I feel really mad because 'what if I need directions?' or I'm lost and I have no battery life, or I get so excited to listen to a new playlist and the phone is dead. I also have a little baby and god forbid my car breaks down and I have no phone I wanted to have this little gadget in my car! This product I purchased on amazon for $19.99. The shipping was really really fast and I can't tell you how I relieved I am that I have this in my purse and never have to worry about being stranded without a phone!! It also charges an iPad if you are someone who travels with all of your gadgets.  You can put whatever you'd like because it has a usb and a mini usb port!

Here are some techy specs:

The official name is Astro Mini External battery.
It holds enough power for 1-2 charges on most smartphones. From reviews I read that some people were able to get 3.
It's made with Grade A cells and premium microchips.
Charges your mobile devices anytime, anywhere.
Fits easily into any bag with a small and lightweight design.
Lifetime charge cycles- 500 times or more
It weighs 2.6 oz
Input DC 5V/0.8A
Output DC 5V/1A

I love the pink color I think it's super cute and it comes with this adorable mesh case that is really really great quality. The inside has another lining and it's just great.  This is a little life savor for me and I never need to worry about running out of juice for my iPhone!!
Hope you check this out!!

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