Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What Are Jamberry Nails?!?

So I had a girlfriend a few months ago mention Jamberry Nails. Being an absolute nail polish junkie I was immediately on my iPad googling Jamberry. What I found just amazed me!! The website has so so many nail appliqués to choose from!

Ok so the ones I included here on my blog are only a small percentage of what I found on the website! I went nuts with all the super cute holiday decals. They are just so adorable. I then found on the site that you  can also be a Jamberry employee by doing trunk shows and selling the product! I did look into this but I am already a Stella & Dot stylist and I think I have  exhausted all of my friends and family with hosting . It seems like a really great opportunity if you are someone who is looking for a job out of your home and creating your own business.
My next thoughts were how do I apply these? The website features a slightly different way of applying these appliqués. You use heat! I was immediately intrigued because I have used the Sally Hansen ones and some other ones at Ulta but found that they come up or are basically stickers on my nails, so using heat seemed like a really great idea!
I then of course turned to YouTube and found some videos of people applying and
so I was sold on these!!

 I think these are super duper cute. I did get a chance to speak with their PR folks and they are really really nice so I imagine that the company is a really great one to work with!
Hope you get a chance to check these out if you love nail polish as much as I do!!

 Don't forget to check out my Youtube video if you are interested how they apply and
What they look like on my nails!!

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