Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Want it....Now How Do I Get It?!?!

Here is a daily dilemma that I am usually faced with especially when I watch YouTube videos and there is something that I really really want. You know what I'm talking about! Whether it's a handbag, a piece of jewelry , shoes, whatever it may be , something catches your eye and you HAVE to have it!! There is no talking you out of it, you must have it! This happens to me often. For example the Filofax videos sucked me in and I had to have it. Not only did I have to have one but I am guilty and I did order one more. It happens and I think it's part of the human nature to really want something after seeing it. For me I just can't stop thinking about it. I think about how I am going to use it and what I will do with it. I see myself wearing it or start to get a sense that my life is empty without it and I have to have it. Maybe I'm crazy but I'm gonna take a stab at this and say that there is probably someone else out there that feels the same way!

So how do I go about getting what I want.... well I turn to ebay! First I look to see if I can possibly find the item for much cheaper. For example, I want a pair of Tory Burch flats. Normally they retail for $250. Definitely not something I want to pay for shoes and my husband would really not appreciate seeing that on our bank statement!!  So I scour for a deal on ebay and lots of times you can find it for $75-$100. That price is still high but if you really really want those flats it's a lot less then what you would pay retail. I make sure to check in daily because it can change every single day so you want to make sure to catch deals. I have found many times very dissapointed and then I log in on another day and there it is....like magic!

Handbags are usually very tempting to me and here is where I normally turn to ebay. The rule that I like to follow is that if I am going to purchase a new handbag then one of them needs to be posted on ebay for sale!! So I first go on ebay and list my handbag to get sold. After it sells , well now I have money to buy the new bag!! This way I am almost recycling handbags without spending too much. I also notice that with handbags there is one or two that I will come back to but really I always want different ones so it's not that hard for me to part with them!  TJ Maxx is another great place to look for a bargain. Check with your TJ Maxx for the day that they receive their shipments and make sure to get there on that day. My TJ Maxx has a new shipment on Thursdays. Word spreads fast so you will notice that there are lots of ladies that will be waiting for that shipment and they will jump into those bins even before the employees are able to put it on the racks!

I am also obsessed with getting a Midori Travelers Notebook. It's a hefty price tag of $56 for basically a piece of leather but I am a sucker for stationary items!! I LOVE notebooks. I feel like I can never have enough of them and I just love to fill them. With these notebooks you reuse the leather piece and change out the little notebook inserts.  I am having a hard time with the price and I have been making my own but I am still looking up unboxing videos and still drooling over the Midori. I have been scrambling around the house for items that I could sell on Ebay to be able to justify this purchase.

How I deal with this obsession is to eventually cave in and get it. I will scour the internet for cheaper alternatives and make my own but if I continue to obsess well I have to scratch the itch. If I end up getting something and I hate it or I find that I'm not using it like I thought I would I don't set it aside I put it up on Ebay or give it someone that I know will use it!!

This is how I scratch that itch for things that I want and how I justify the spending! Hope this helps you out when you get that one item that you just have to have!!

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  1. This is exactly how I feel about several things like Tieks flats (saw your review so came across your blog) and a Dagne Dover Tote. I'm going to scour eBay now!