Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Filofax 2014 Setup!!

            So of course with the new year I am always looking for ways to stay organized and stay on top of things. I love my Erin Condren planner I really do think it's great. The only downfall for me was that I could not fit everything in the spaces and started using post it's and then it just got so cluttered and unorganized.
What did I do next? Went to YouTube of course!!
Anytime I need to find anything YouTube seems to be the answer to my prayers. I found this entire Filofax community. Yes, I have heard of Filofax before but this is like on a whole new level. Give it a try , go ahead type it into your YouTube search and it will just have your attention for hours. I just love stationary and Filofax is just a dream come true!! I love how I can customize it!! I love decorating it too don't get me wrong but I can place a home in my Filofax for things I needed to keep organized!! I am a nurse, a teacher, a tutor, a blogger, a Stella & Dot stylist, and a YouTuber and of course most important of all a Mom and a Wife!! I have a section for each of these in my Filofax. So far it has truly helped me keep on top of everything. I feel lost without my Filofax. Anything and everything that I could possibly think of or need I write it down.
Now for the Erin Condren Planner like I stated earlier I still love it and I use it for my Project Life. I leave it open in my office and quickly jot down things that happen for the day so when I go back and look at it doing my Project life is a breeze!!

I have the Metropol Personal Size in the red color. To be honest I choose it because it was only $35 on Amazon and I really thought the personal size would work really well because I could carry it around and place it in my purse. I am already shopping for the one that I love because I wanted to make sure I love Filofax and YUP I LOVE IT!!! 

I just love decorating the pages for the month. I have been seriously stalking every store for their stickers!! I just love it!! Not only am I organized but I love using it!! It's such a pleasure to be organized in something pretty!

It's not bulky. It fits in my hand perfectly and to be honest I carry it everywhere!! Even in my house I carry it upstairs, downstairs and it even ends up on my dresser at night!!

This is totally Pinterest inspired because Pinterest has a great amount of pictures and ideas for Filofax lovers. Having little inspirational quotes and motivators  is very helpful!!

Overall I'm just in love. I have been following #planneraddict on Instagram and just have been really enjoying using this. As I break into it more and find more great uses for it I will continue to post about it!!

For a more in depth look check out my review/setup on YouTube!!


  1. How did you print on the existing filofax pages?

  2. I just posted a video on my youtube channel and I show you step by step how I do that.