Monday, February 24, 2014

Hands Ipad mini case!

Ok so after months of researching for the perfect Ipad mini case I finally found it. Let me just back up and let you know what it was exactly that I was looking for. I wanted something that was a clam case and I also wanted a keyboard because I don't have a laptop and I wanted to type my blogs etc on my Ipad. I wanted something stylish and sleek. I also have to have a case that I love or else I won't enjoy using it. I think that is something that is always important to me. If I don't love it I really won't want to use it.

I thought my heart was set on the apple Ipad clam case pro. The only hesitation that I had was the hefty price tag. The cheapest I could find it for was on Ebay and it was $127.00. That's a whole heck of a lot of money for a case. I almost took the plunge. I almost pressed the buy it now key and I got overwhelmed with this feeling of nausea. So I went back to scouring the internet again. I stumbled upon a YouTube Video talking about a case by a company called Zagg. It looked great. I read as many reviews as I could possible find on the internet and then pressed the buy key. It's still at a heafty price, $59.99, but I got it on Amazon and did prime shipping so I tried to justify it.

A day later I received this!

This looked very beautiful in the package and I just had to rip it open. I did manage to get a quick pic before tearing it up! The packaging is really really nice and the case came beautifully packaged. This case comes in black and white. I'm guessing only those colors to go with Ipad colors. I choose to go with the white because I thought it would look best with my white Ipad.  Boy do I love this purchase. I use this every single day. I feel lost without it. I love typing on it. I don't have small hands and I can type with great ease. I answer emails daily. I type out all of my blogs etc and I have no problems.

Let's enjoy some pictures...

The case fully protects your Ipad. Covers everything nicely but also allows you access to all of your needed orphi. It has a good weight to it. Not too light where you feel like it's a cheap case but not too heavy that it will weigh your bag down. It really does not add too much bulk to my ipad. My favorite thing is that it's super super easy to pop it in and out of the case. That was one negative review that I read about the apple clam case pro was that people had issues removing their device.

You can see in the background I have a personal size filofax and it really isn't bigger than that. The hinge is incredible. It sits great on my lap as well as any other surface. I don't have to worry about my ipad tipping back. I have had that issue in the past but this sits so well that it truly feels like I am on a laptop!

One of my absolute favorite things about this little gadget is the colored backlit keys! Yes you read that right! There are five different colors to choose from!! I change them every night and I just love it!! Makes typing in the dark a breeze. The battery life on this item is just fantastic. I have been able to go almost an entire week with heavy typing. The company states that with heavy use, 2-3 hours with the backlight on you can go about 3 days. The product comes with a usb for charging it up! 

I can't really thing of anything bad to say. I had to really think and i guess the only thing is that you can't fold the keyboard back so if you wanted to use it like a true ipad you will not be able to. Since the case pops in and out so easily this really isnt and issue and to be honest when I read it at night I like the hands free and letting it rest on my chest while I surf the web and read blogs!!

I hands down reccomend this product wholeheartedly!! I love it and take it with me every where!!

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