Friday, February 21, 2014

Dooney & Bourke Florentine Vechetta Satchel 7 months Later!

So I initially purchased this hand bag about 7 months ago. I did a review on it and my initial reactions to the bag. It's absolutely stunning and pictures just can not do it justice. I highly recommend that you at least look at it in person. Touch the leather and smell the deliciousness of it!! I can't get enough of this bag. The color, the size, the strap, everything about this bag is perfect. I just love it!

The color of this handbag is called Salmon. I ordered it off of because I like their shipping and free returns. The color selection for this bag is incredible. You can find it in hot pink and navy and black. I think it would look amazing in whatever color you choose. It's customizable to your taste. I get so many compliments on the color of this bag. I honestly have a compliment on this bag daily! It has transitioned beautifully through the seasons. In the summertime it went with every outfit. Into the fall it looked great with blacks and greys. Now in the winter time it fits great with my northface coat and pretty much every outfit as well. I have not had any issues with that.

The bag is incredibly roomy! I don't feel as though it's a suitcase. It is truly like a Mary Poppins bag. It's deceiving how much you can fit in there!

I more often then not  use this this bag as a diaper bag. It just works great for everything!!!!!!

As for the wear of this bag after 7 months of use daily. There are a few scuffs. Nothing that I am all that shocked about really. I live in Chicago and our winters are harsh. Cars are filthy and wearing it crossbody many times it has brushed up against  a car or something else dirty. It still looks fantastic. The leather just gets better and better with each touch!  It still has a great structure but also kind of floppy. Very unique!

The handles and strap are in excellent condition. No threads have come undone. The handles don't look worn at all. The hard ware  has maintained the same color. None of the color has chipped off.

The tassels still look amazing even though they have spent several times in my daughters mouth (she is 14 months and teething). The craftsman ship is just incredible with this handbag.

I can't recommend this bag enough. To sum it up...I LOVE IT!!

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