Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Uglies!! A Book Series !Great Read!

So I feel like YA (young adult ) books are my favorite reads. I now rarely even go to any other section of the book store. I follow several book tubers just to look for the next great book series. I have found that I am really enjoying the series because I can look forward to more, it doesn't just end. I fall in love with characters and I want to see them continue!!

Here it is!!
The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
Book #1 Uglies
Book #2 Pretties
Book #3 Specials

These are the covers for all three books. I must say this right off the bat that I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. I have not had that for a series in a very long time. Just to let you in on my taste, my favorite for Hunger Games was Catching Fire and for Divergent the first was my favorite, but with this series I really enjoyed ALL of them.

The story is set in a post apocolyptic world. There are two parts 'the ugly' town and the 'pretty' town. Each ugly becomes a pretty on their 16th birthday. Of course the main character in this series follows her best friend to a place where the 'rusties' (our current world) used to live. What's left over are just ghost towns and memories of people who made mistakes, chopped trees down, hurt one another etc etc. She follows her friend here to meet someone that could change the pretty process. Of course there are so many adventures on hover boards and many times that she is faced with dilemmas to help herself and friends. It's really truly well written and talk about falling in love with all the characters.

There is a love interest. She falls in love with two boys and of course they both love her very much. It's interesting to watch our main character go through different phases of her life. She makes friendships and loses them. She is constantly forced to make decisions that could have big effects on her life and others as well. She is a very special character and I root her on throughout her adventures.  Whenever she is flying on her hoverboard I felt like I was right there with her! They bring up topics that I think are trying to be relevant  to teens and how teens might face them. It's not something that the author just openly states but more something you would read between the lines. An example is something that teens are faced with everyday and that is appearance. As a pretty the playing field is even. Everyone is the same. They are all pretty but also can't think for themselves. Which is better?? Can you be your own person and be happy? Do you have to be like everyone else?

Overall I highly highly recommend this series!!  If you are looking for something light and full of adventure, fall in love with the characters and pick this up! They are quick reads and great as a summer or winter read. It's something you can take with you and just fall in love!!

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