Thursday, June 26, 2014

How Danny Gregory Inspires me!!

I always look to other artists'/illustrators' for inspiration. I look on YouTube first because I like to see if I can find their technique or look through a journal. I love love love (can't say love enough times) looking through peoples journals. It inspires me!! I love to know how people think about their drawing or how they fill up their journal. I love to not only know the finished product but also the process.

Journals are so intimate and private and I think it's what makes them so beautiful to look at. Someone's feelings and thoughts just poured over blank pages, it's beautiful!

While scouring the internet I stumbled upon Danny Gregory! I loved his beautiful illustrations of his travels to different countries. Not only was his art beautiful and I wanted to just take his journals and stare at them but he captured beautiful moments. Moments that you only experience if you are actually there. He captured feelings and that's what I love to do when I journal!! I want to come back and feel that feeling again. I want to capture that memory as best as I can.

While researching Danny more I went to my local library and stumbled upon a few books.

A Kiss Before You Go was the first book I flipped through and I will warn you that you will need a box of kleenex. Danny captures in this book a tragedy that happened to his family and how he copes with it. It's an incredible journey that he is able to capture in the book. The way he must adapt and change his life to an accident that his wife had. She was his best friend and they had planned so many wonderful things in their lives and it all changed in a minute. He also has a 10 month at the time and their lives just completely change. He captures this so beautifully in his illustrations that it will make your heart hurt. 

The book has bright and beautiful images. You can see from the above photo the emotion involved. 

The pages are unique and tell a story like I have never seen before.

Now the next book I picked up I was very excited because I always look for new ways to continue to stay motivated in my journals and I think this book was the answer that I have been looking for!!

This is a book that I think I will need to purchase because it's something you can just pick up and get inspired within minutes of looking at the pages. Danny asks you to just look at the world around you. Really look at the flower, it's color and the contours. Look at every little detail. He stresses the importance of capturing that moment and the beauty of the flower. I love to just stop and examine something I want to draw. I love stopping to smell the roses so to speak. This book really speaks to me.

The book allows you to draw! It shows you ways to find time to draw and how to add drawings into your life everyday!! I have added another smaller journal and try to sketch as many sketches as I can throughout the day. I try to capture even the smallest of moments, like my coffee cup! I love it!! Danny has really inspired the inner artist in me!!

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