Sunday, June 29, 2014

#OneBookJuly2014 Set up!!

So I've decided to do the challenge and decided which notebook to use and wanted to share with you how I will be doing it. This is probably something that will be evolving and I can't say for sure right now if this will work or not but it is a start!

I received this adorable A6 sized Hobonichi in the English version as a birthday gift and for this challenge it just seems perfect! Half of the year has already passed and so it makes room for me to create more lists and things like that. I am still playing with the paper so this gives me plenty of room. The size is very tiny but I hope to make it work.

For the month at a glance section I will be using this as an index. I already tried this for the month of June and I love how it looks. I just highlight the days events and list them in here. This really helps me with Project Life because I do tend to fall behind and this is a great reference. It's also great as a quick glance to get an idea of when events occurred!

I began with some general sketching and then I set up a basic skeleton for my daily to do's and fitness following. I like to write down how much water I drink as well as if I did a work out or not and my assessment of that. I find that when I write down how I feel about a work out it's very motivating!
I have also transitioned some of my bullet journaling into here as well so we shall see how that goes moving forward.

I then of course brought in my Hobonichi style of journaling even though I will miss my faux hobonichi for the month. 

I did do a day and it all seemed to fit which I was really happy with but it is much smaller than the A5 size and I definitely would not have room to put in an washi tape or stickers. I will do my best to get everything in and who knows I may start to like it!

I also wanted to compare what the dot paper looked like to the Leuchttrum notebooks.

I really prefer the Leuchttrum compared to the Hobonichi!! Looking forward to the challenge and if you share please use #onebookjuly2014