Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Domino A5 in Patent Hot Pink Filofax!

I have several personal filofaxes since getting into them and becoming an addict!! I do really really like the size but of course I feel like any hobbyist you like to venture out and try different things! I have been loving my faux hobonichi that is housed in an A5 journal and I have been really loving that size!!

So I went to the website and saw this beauty for $39.99.

It's just stunning and perfect!! I didn't find all too many videos on this beautiful filo but decided that for the money I could not pass up this opportunity. It lays flat beautifully and it reminds me of my midori!! I love that it is a bit flexible and yet sturdy enough to hold everything in it's place. 
On the inside I love my Erin Condren planner but I don't love that it is in a spiral form so I took it apart and put it in my filofax and I couldn't be happier!!

I love the mermaid cover and now I can have it always!! I also love how wide the pages are and the boxes are a good size to break up the day!! If you are unfamiliar with the Erin Condren planner I do have a review.

The colors and the inspirational quotes are just what I need in my planner. The pages are also thicker so you can use almost any type of pen and you will not have shadowing or bleeding where with the filofax pages you will see shadowing with everything but pencil!!

I did add this super cute charm of hello kitty dressed as a witch and I just love it!! I tied it up pretty close so that it doesn't dangle too low and interfere with anything!

I did move over the Erin Condren folder as well and this houses all of my stickers!!

And just a few more pictures!

I just could not be happier with this style and size. It does not add too much weight and it is slim enough that it fits in pretty much every bag that I carry. Finger prints do not show on the cover which was something I was worried about and it just feels perfect in my hand!!

For a better look please check here!

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