Friday, June 20, 2014

My Bullet Journal!

I stumbled upon the bullet journal system while watching Youtube videos on Filofaxes. I think that the idea is genius!! I love it and it has improved my productivity and I am able to complete so many more tasks. I truly feel organized and it's such an easy system!

I also stumbled upon the DIYfish inserts that also were featured in many many Filofax videos on Youtube. This is also a brilliant idea. The only problem that I was running into was that I was not using all of the pages. So..... I decided to combine to two in my Midori travelers Notebook. I love the graph paper and so i am using the graph paper midori notebook to do this with. 

From what is pictured above you can see that just used a ruler and drew with pens the grids to make a calendar for June. In the calendar I write events that I know will take up a day and not allow me to do much with my videos and blog as well as blog posts and video posts. I just like to make sure I am being productive during the month. In the bottom portion I took the DIYfish insert idea and drew in the grids. Here again I like to visually capture what my productivity is. I keep track of my youtube videos, blog posts, fitness, spending, and cloth diaper washing. You can basically use this for any kind of tracking that you want to do!

Now getting into the bullet journal part, I seperate my days with thin washi tape and I just write in the date. I write all my tasks with a little box next each of them.

Check out my YouTube video to see everything in a more in depth view!


  1. Nice explanation of how you have created your bullet journal, and it looks great! Cute dog!!

  2. Great setup. How colorful too.