Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Hobonichi Style Month of May Flip Through!!

So a month has come and gone and since I have adopted the Hobonichi style in my Faux bonichi notebook I just love it!! I love sitting down every single day and drawing in it and recapturing the days events. I primarily love to do little drawings and then a few sentences about it!

 My month of May spread is only on one page because I originally made a mistake
 I made it work by using a bit of washi tape to decorate and then filling in the days with what the weather was like.
 It's so much fun to look back at the month and see how the weather was trending! I love it! I just love every single thing about this little book!
I don't always draw the sun or the clouds but I think that is what continues to make it unique and not all that uniform. I do what I want in this book and if I don't feel like drawing a sun or clouds I just don't. I also was inspired to pick up watercolor pencils and I am obsessed with using them in here. Now my faux Hobonichi is a miquel rues journal that I purchased from Barnes and Noble but surprisingly enough it can withstand a bit of water. The paper is just slightly wrinkly but I love it!! I love it when a book looks used and loved!

Here is an example of a daily spread. I had shared some bones with the neighbors dogs and they are super sweet. They are still pretty young pups and so I drew a picture of them as well as my daughter is teething so I drew a picture of her crying and a picture of a tooth next to that.
I find that I really love to draw fun pictures in here!! It really is a great way to remember things!

 On one of the other days I drew a picture of the Tieks I had ordered online and I just love them!! I wanted to share the beauty and joy I had when I received the package! I also went to the park with one of my girlfriends and my daughter is shy so she was hiding her eyes so that no one could see her!!

I like to document when I finish reading a book as well as what we had for dinner!! Yes its a great way not to repeat dinner!!I make sure that if storms are intense that day that I include that in my Hobonichi as well!!

If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more of pages please check out my video!

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