Saturday, April 5, 2014

DIY Hobonichi Planner!!

During this obsession/love for journals and filofaxes I started to notice pictures of a planner on instagram and flickr  as well as tumblr. I was so intrigued with how people drew in these little books that I found out what they were. Hobonichi Planners.

This is not something new. It has been popular in Japan for over a decade and it's a very loved item in this country. I could not stop looking at the endless uploaded photos. The little stickers and everything. I did find out that in 2013 someone who works for the company had translated the  planner and so an english version was made. There is also a 2014 version but because it is April I didn't want all those blank made my own. When I saw this planner it reminded me of a planner that I had in college. 

I found this very attractive journal at Barnes and Noble filled with tons of graph paper. I loved this little notebook and after looking at the Hobonichi Planners I thought I can make one using this same journal.

I began by looking at photos online. I used these photos as inspiration and here is what I came up with.....


  1. This was amazing and beautiful, I had to give it a try. Thanks, I will definitely be getting the real thing next year. Saving now

    1. Thank you for your comment! I love my book and the chunkiness of it that I'm still on the fence about getting the actual one.