Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring time Dessert Ideas!!

I am  hosting Easter this year and I have done it before but each year I try to out do myself. I like to challenge myself and social media really helps with my creative side. Pinterest is wonderful for this if you are in a slum and can't decide what you would like to do. In this post I am sharing only a couple of things that I did in preparation but I will have more in a future post when I actually set up on Easter day.
For the first project I was inspired by both Lush soaps as well as some Pinterest ideas.

These cute little bunnies!! I always study a picture or an idea and try to find things that I have around the house. Sometimes I make mistakes or I discover things along the way so it's really great fun to experiment. For these bunnies I just used some Philsbury funfetti cake mix. I used vanilla frosting and strawberry frosting. The little eyes are chocolate chips and the little nose is a pink jelly bean. For the ears I used marshmallows and with the sticky side down I picked up some spring looking sprinkles.

For my second project I initially wanted chocolate covered strawberries that  looked like easter eggs but in the process I found that with this pretty orange color they looked like carrots!! So I actually prefer that idea! 

Here is how they turned out. I have a great idea for the display of these to truly make them look like carrots in the ground!

If you would like to see how I made these little treats check out my video!

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