Monday, April 14, 2014

Fauxdori Passport Travelers Notebook....What's in mine?!?!

I love this little guy!! I purchased this passport sized midori type notebook on etsy for about $14. It was a put this together yourself and I also dyed the leather. I really enjoyed the process because I learned how to make it myself and understand how the Midori works and I was able to make more midoris on my own!!

Why do I love this little guy.....well it's because I write everything in it!!! I have 4 notebooks and so I feel as though I can fill it with anything and I am not restricted by anything!! I think that is the most important thing when using a system like this. Never be intimidated by blank pages just start using them and love them!! Your love will shine through on your pages!!

Let me take you through a tour. As I mentioned I dyed the leather myself. The color is called Oxblood and I just love it!!

You can see in the above photo that it has seen some love and I love seeing it get beat up!! I know that may seem strange but the more I use this and it gets more 'ruined' the more special it becomes!

The color is so rich and beautiful. I condition all my leather covers with the leather conditioner wipes that I use for my furniture. I just do this when it is feeling a little dry, there is no routine that I follow.

Now let's take a peak inside...

I use Moleskine Cahiers in the pocket size because I LOVE these notebooks!! I just love them and they are easy to find. I normally buy them either at Target or Barnes and Noble. I usually paint on the cover or add something cute. I find that the cuter my things look the more I want to use them! So I have a must haves and what I put in here are items that I either see on Youtube and I may want to purchase or do a little more research on. I will write down things that I find on Pinterest or sometimes music, any thing basically that I feel is something I must have. I will on occasion go back in here and then move something to another journal. For example I may find a project I like and then it may get transferred to my YouTube notebook for a video idea.

Here is my YouTube notebook. I feel you can already guess what's in Youtube ideas. I can get an idea at any point and time so this is important that I have this notebook with me at all times. I hate it when I think of a video and then I forget it later. I try to always write it down as quickly as I can. In here there could be quick sketches or drawings, materials I may need for a video, etc.

Yup, gotta write down my books!! I have this split into two section. One section is for the books I want to read and then one section is for the books I am currently reading. I like to write down the date I start the book and when I finish it and I write down all my immediate thoughts on the books when I finish it. I have an official book journal that I will later put this information into but I like to know what my immediate reaction is to a book when I finish it.

Here you can see that there really is no rhyme or reason in these little notebooks it's what I love about them the most. Writing in colored pens helps me to find things quickly! I will occasionally add a tab if there is something in there that is really important or something that I want to catch my attention. 

Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak into my passport size Fauxdori!!

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