Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fujifilm Instax mini 8 first impressions!!

I just received this little camera and I am obsessed and in love!! I have forgotten the joy of polaroids!! Yes digital photography is wonderful because we can take one million and one photos of the same thing just to make sure that it looks perfect but there is something so wonderful about having an instant photo in your hand!!

What made me purchase this camera? Well I thought you weren't going to ask but I would be happy to tell you. I love art journaling. I love it so much and it's very therapeutic to me. I do project life as well but that's a whole other beast. I'm just talking about me and my Moleskine and whatever comes to mind. I love having mini pictures to put inside of it and just write about it.  I have a great printer and I purchased 8x10 matte photo paper with the intention of selecting a bunch of pictures and scaling them down to a 2x2 and then cutting them out. This is the process I currently follow.

The problem with this method is that a lot of the times I forget which photos I wanted to put in the journal. Sometimes I only want one and don't want to waste a bunch of photo paper trying to get the perfect size. My solution....well this little beauty!!

I happen to run across this on someones instagram and it just got my attention. Did a little research on it and thought it is a perfect option for me! It is small and gives me instant polaroids! I had a polaroid when I was a kid and I still have memories of going out during recess and taking photos and writing little notes with a sharpie. Of course being someone who loves memories and the feeling I get just thinking about those times I was pretty much sold and wanted one.

The price on this little camera.....well at Urban outfitters it came up at $115 which is a lot for something that I consider a hobby and I also have a very beautiful Nikon and a small camera so it was hard to justify that kind of money. I of course had to turn to my one and only Amazon. Not only do I go there for the reviews but I also go to see the best price and of course take advantage of my prime.   I found wonderful reviews on this camera so now I was even more excited about it and found prices that are much more affordable $55 -$67. The colors for some reason have different prices. It was a toss up between the blue or the white but I went with the white because it was cheaper.

That brings me to the next topic. This camera is just adorable!! It looks like a toy! It really looks like a plastic toy I would buy for my duaghter. The color selection is adorable in a pastel yellow, blue, pink, and white. They are all beautiful colors and this might be difficult for some to choose. Being that it is primarly plastic makes it very light weight which I love. I already carry everything and the kitchen sink in my purse so this makes it a really nice option. It does come with a hand strap which is very nice. The sixe fits perfectly in my hand. For example, taking selfies is easy because the camera forms to your hand and you can easily hold it. Now I dont have super tiny hands and I also don't have man hands but I would say I have an average female size hand and I love how it fits and feels!!

The camera has a dial to rotate depending on the light exposure. This made me nervous at first but the best part is, the camera detects what lighting it should have and lights up next to where you need to turn the dial!! How awesome is that?!!? It has a little house for when you are indoors and a picture of the sun for say when you are at the beach as well as a cloud for a cloudy day. Genius! I love it!! Super easy to use and so much fun.  

The camera runs on 2 double AA batteries. The instructions claiim that the camera should run up to 100 pictures before needing to be replaced. This is not an issue because with this camera I will not be taking shots constantly only times when I think there is something I want for my art journal so that is not a problem. 

The film. Well here is the one thing that I would consider a con. It's expensive, even on Amazon. It's about $13 for a 10 pack. So this is the one down side. I do wish it was a lot cheaper then I would take lots more pictures but at least now I will really think my pictures through, so it could be a blessing in disguise. The film comes with the classic white trim but you can also purchase colorful ones with polka dots and tie dye which I just love!!

Overall wonderful little camera. I love it and have really been enjoying it for my art journaling. I love the look of the photos and just love photography and adding this to my collection!! Hope that if you get one you enjoy it too!!

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