Friday, April 4, 2014

My Journal Collection!

Do you love to journal? I do and I have loved to do some form of it since I was a little girl! I remember writing in my journals almost on a daily basis recording all of my daily doings. I remember writing the weather and in the summer my days at the pool. Not too much has changed since then...

Well maybe some things have changed. Thanks to YouTube and all the wonderful and creative people out there I have come up with several different ways to chronicle my life. I have several journals now that I keep and each of them is just a different and creative way to do it.

My first journal is still the dear diary type. I don't actually still use that although I did when I was a little girl but I love the format. I feel as though in this journal I can be raw and divulge every little secret that I have. It's really really great for me to do a brain dump in this and it really helps with any temptation to gossip. I don't like to gossip I hate it in fact but I think sometimes as human we have something so big and juicy we just have to tell someone. journal is that someone. Any problems I may have or things I want to work out usually go in this book. I get a new one almost every year and I love the ones from Barnes and Noble. 

My next journal is kind of a newer idea thanks to the wonderful and creative people of YouTube. I
t like an art journal where I collage some photos and do journal prompts and things like that. It's also a way to chronicle my life but in a differntt way. There are tons of pins on Pinterest for daily prompts to put into a journal and many times I follow these to help get my creative juices going. In the back I like to keep some photo prompts and I also love using a Moleskine notebook because there is a pocket in the back. I have been using a Moleskine since 2000 and have been obsessed ever since. The one I am using is the sketch in the large size. The paper has almost a cardstock feel to it. 

I use another Moleskine to capture some watercolor drawings that I do usually when we are vacationing. It's really fun to capture moments in watercolor vs a picture because it's all about interpretation. I love this journal so so much and it has been with me a long time. There is so much sentimentalness in this wonderful journal. This journal is a watercolor Moleskine and it is in the landscape format.

My Midori is my newest baby and I love it so so much. I could not resist the beautiful leather. I love the style of it and how it feels in my hands. I love this journal so much. I just love to hold it. I like to play with some sketches in this book as well. I keep my bullet journal in here which has changed my life completely. If you are turned off because the inserts are not readily available don't be. There are so many videos and people out there that share DIY inserts and they look awesome!!

My smashbook is something I picked up when it was clearanced at Micheals. This was when I was really learning about smashing and art journaling. I love saving my cards and different sentiments and this book is perfect for that. I don't follow any rhyme or reason in this book I just glue things in as I feel fit and I love it. I love keeping everything in this book. I use to keep everything in a box which works also but having it in this smash book I can flip through and look at it. Which by the way I do often because I love it so much!!

If your looking for more inspiration please check out my video that correlates with this post. And remember have fun and keep journaling!!

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  1. If you could only take one journal with you on a month long vacation which would it be??? Would you start a new one? :)