Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Fault in Our Stars, My Book Club Watched the Movie!!

So last night I went with my book club to see the movie A  Fault in Our Stars. We almost didn't end up going because there were some terrible storms that came through my area and then one of my friends said "no we have to go". I'm so glad that she did that because I LOVED the movie!!

It's always so much fun to go to the movies with your girlfriends and I think that this movie is perfect to go with a group of girls. I think that it's a great date night movie but you will cry tons so if your worried about getting your makeup all messed up then it might not be a good idea.
Anyway, back to the topic!! The movie! I loved the actress Shailene Woodly. I think she did a fantastic job playing Hazel Grace. She is very believable as someone who is suffering from a terminal illness. In the book I felt like Hazel is more angry and sarcastic. She is more whitty then they portray in the movie but the character is pretty close. I also felt like in the movie she looked like a cool hipster and in the book I felt like she was more thin and sickly and not as appealing but it is a movie.

As for the character who plays Gus, Ansel Elgort, oh my goodness what a cutie pie!! He is perfect for this role. He is so adorable and so incredibly lovable. His loving and giving personality shines on the screen. Of course in the book I felt it more than on screen. I don't think I would have as much emotional involvement if I didn't read the book.

I understand that the movie can't cover everything that a book covers but I was disappointed that we didn't really get to see too much of Gus' parents and in the book they are really involved and really really sweet!! I thought that we would have gotten a bit more into that. You don't know the intense relationship that Hazel has with Gus' family. Isaac is also not very involved in the movie. In the book you really see the emotion that he goes through with his breakup and how good of a friend Gus is to him. You don't feel the awkwardness of being in the literal heart of Jesus. I think I can go on and on but that's why I always think the book is better than the movie.

With that said if you read the book you should definitely see it, if you didn't read it, still go see it!! Great movie but make sure you bring plenty of kleenex!!

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