Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray Book Review!

My sister introduced me to this wonderful book. I actually don't always read the back of a book to know what it is about I just jump right in and read it. The books' main character is Gemma Doyle. At first I thought this girl was king of a brat but as the story developed I began to love her! The story is set initially in India and Gemma is acting out and being a bratty teenager with her mom. Her mom ends up dying and Gemma has to go to a finishing school.

Gemma arrives to this school and has always dreamed of going to London but not under these circumstances. She does have a room mate and her room mate is a little odd but she has no choice to have her as a friend. As the story progresses Gemma makes some relationships with 2 other girls and they start realizing the magic that is with in the walls and outside the walls.

The girls begin to experience magic and witchcraft. It's a wonderful and exciting adventure. The girls become very close friends because of it.

There of course is some mystery as the girls do have to solve why the realms and magic have been shut down. Gemma learns that she is an important piece and so they pursue it.

This is a trilogy and I have already bought the second book and will begin reading immediately!!

Love the way the author developed the characters. The story moves very quickly and has a lot of exciting moments throughout the book.

I give this 5 stars and I highly highly recommend that you give this book a read. If you love magic, mystery, adventure and fun you will definitely love this book!!

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