Saturday, August 30, 2014

Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan, A Book Review!!

Another book club book choice. I'm always hesitant about my book club books if you have read any of my previous posts but this time I was somewhat intrigued.
Reading the back cover I enjoyed reading about coming to appreciate your mom. The author does a great job in this book of making you stop to appreciate your mom no matter what type of mom she was to you!

I will not be giving away any spoiler during this book review just highlights some parts of the book that I really liked. The story is very easy moving and you could get this read in a day. A good beach read because it's something that you don't really need to think too much about so if your spending the day at the pool and you get distracted it's easy to get right back into the book. 

The author shares that like most young adults we graduate college and now what?? Where is that great adventure in life? Something that we can tell our grandkids about! That most wonderful adventure and so Kelly (the main character) sets off on her great adventure to Australia. After running out of money she needs to find a job and so finds a temp position as a nanny for a family who recently lost their mom to cancer. 
Before you feel as though this book is too sad it's not and there isn't too much sadness about cancer. It's not like a Fault in Our Stars at all in fact it's the family moving forward in their lives. As Kelly spends her days as a nanny to these children she begins to have experiences about her mom and what her mom meant when she did these things as Kelly was a child. We sometimes don't understand why our parents do what they do when we are kids but as we grow older and become parents we better understand. 
I never understood what my mom meant when she use to tell me "you'll understand when you have your own daughter, " or my favorite " just wait til you have your own daughter if you will let her ....". Well the day has come that I do have my own daughter and I COMPLETELY understand what my mom meant. 
As the book moves along the author has many cute realizations and shares many moments about her mom that she now loves and appreciates. She brings up the most obvious that we don't always appreciate and love our mother. We always think that someone else's mom did it better but as adults we realize that wow she did do a great job!

Overall my thoughts on this book are that it's an easy read. A feel good book that is perfect for the beach or the pool. If you love your mom or you struggle with your mom I think you will enjoy the book!

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