Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Taking Apart Your Erin Condren Planner!!

I know that the Erin Condren planner comes packaged so beautifully and you think there is no way that I can take this masterpiece apart. I know that I felt this way as well and then I ended up not using and it sat on my shelf last year because I thought it was too beautiful but I really like and prefer the filofax way of keeping my planners!!

So all I can say if you fear doing it is don't you want to use it? Isn't this why you purchased it? Is the system not working for you?

I love how the pages look and feel. They are fantastic quality pages and I love that but I really want my hot pink domino filofax and honestly it looks just as beautiful in there!!

If you are convinced ...great! If not and you feel bad perhaps about the cover or you have multiple covers. The great thing is that you can fit the cover on most notebooks!!
I decided to put it on my kind of everything spiral notebook that I customized!!

Even if the cover is slightly larger it works for the best because it protects any tabs or papers that might be sticking out. The E.C planner is very strong and durable and so taking it on and off is not a problem and once it's on it's on. The covers are $15 so they aren't all to expensive if you just want to customize a notebook!

I simply pull out approximately two pages at a time and trim as close as I can to the little eyelets. Once that is done I just use my hole punch and bang...it's complete!!

Hope you give it a try!! I absolutely LOVE using mine this way!! Best of both worlds!!

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