Saturday, August 30, 2014

In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad #1) by Tara French : A Book Review

Just finished reading this book today. I like to write my reviews right after completing books because my emotions are high and I definitely feel passionate about the book and still very much connected to the characters.

I do not have spoilers in this review just some highlights that I enjoy or dislike about the book.  I have been craving murder/mystery novels because I have been reading post apocalyptic books for the past 4 years and wanted a break. I also have been watching Sherlock which is an incredible show if you haven't watched it. I have been enjoying it so so much. I also love forensics and mystery , it's simply fascinating. 
I must say it's quite hard to find a murder/mystery book that keeps you on the edge of your seat. With that said I will be honest right off the bat and say that this did not have my biting my nails and on the edge of my seat. Perhaps I'm setting my sights too high but this book lacked a bit of that suspense. If you have watched True Detectives on HBO you know what I mean about nail biting suspense. I want a book that makes me want to stay up late at night trying to figure out what the killer did to the body, what where the motives??
In this book, character development is great. I really feel like I get to know the characters and feel certain emotions toward them. Relationships develop in a way that you are involved as a reader emotional. Leading up to clues is somewhat exciting but then quickly it kind of just plops. There isn't an incredible amount of excitement when it comes to clues int he case. Once the killer is identified you once again that so much of the story will develop but no there are no surprises, no "oh my gosh" moments. 
It's overall a decent read and moves fairly quickly but I would not say that it's very suspenseful. It does get somewhat predictable at some points. The characters are developed well and the idea is very intriguing but in this book they fall flat. Perhaps the author captures more excitement in the next two books but I will admit that it will be difficult for me to want to pick up the next two. 

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