Saturday, August 23, 2014

Turning My Erin Condren to a Discbound System!

I was still trying to perfect the Erin Condren Life Planner. I love it and I love the paper but I had to still make it so that it would give me planner peace!
What was my thought process.....well.....I like a spiral actually because you can fold it over and more portable in my opinion. The problem is that it's not customizable or so I thought. I was at Staples and remembered the Arc disc bound system. I stood in the aisle for a long time staring at the system trying to decide if this was something that I wanted to commit to. I finally decided yes I think so and I can't even tell you how incredibly happy I am with it!!

You do need to invest in a hole punch but to be honest I started turning everything into a disc bound system, including a cook book. All the recipes I find in magazines etc I can just punch it and put it into the book!!

The system can really work with any cover and all you need are the discs and the hole punch. I opted to purchase the larger discs so that they can accommodate up to 250 pages. 

I also loved putting my Erin Condren in this system because I recently stumbled upon Leonie Dawson and her life workbook.  I wanted to print this workbook out and put it in with my daily book as well. I wanted to stuff what I wanted with me at all times as well as flip it over on itself so that it doesn't take up as much space as a filofax! 

If your someone that likes to put in your accessories such as a folder and plastic pocket you can surely do that as well!

It's been a great and exciting adventure and so far I love my creation. If you would like to see more...Here you go!!



  1. Perfect timing on this post! So you punched holes into the erin condren cover and had no issues?! I have a Martha Stewart discbound system cover but woild prefer a Erin Condren cover. Its full size would I be able to do the same thing!

  2. I too use the disc bound system! But I don't use the Erin Condren system... It's to pricey for me.. LOL But I use this one I found on esty..

    I can print it and punch to use with my disc system! Love your youtube videos!

  3. Ok, so I am not a planner addict (although I could be), but I am always looking for the "best" planner for me. A friend encouraged me to look at the Hobonichi/Fauxbonichi stuff and I really like a lot about it, but for many of the reasons you mention in the video I have been drawn to trying an ARC system. I need a planner that will go everywhere with me, I love the whole flip back on itself thing, I like to add pages without gluing an entire page onto another, I like to carry color cards, coupons, etc. in my planner, etc. But I also don't want to carry a huge brick with me everywhere. HELP!! Do you really use all these planners and not just one? Any ideas for how to best combine the ARC and the Hobonichi?