Friday, August 15, 2014

How I Manage Time...Using a Spiraldex!

Being a stay at home mom now is hard for me to look back at the day and see where my time went! I went from working in an office and had about 50-60 hours that were full of meetings and all managed by my online calendar! Now being at home my life has done a 180. I find myself looking back and trying to figure out what did I do today? Did I really get alot accomplished?
So after doing some research and watching tons of videos on Youtube about people getting organized and managing time I found something called a Chronodex.  It's absolutely genius and I'm always amazed with how brilliant people are. The creator is Patrick Ng and he has a great blog and Facebook page that shows the many uses for it and it's honestly just awesome!!

So I printed one off and tried to manage my time but got stuck. It was hard to understand how to manage time when I am no longer someone who has a "9-5 job". I'm a mom now I get up at 3 am. I also stay up til 2am or 3am sometimes in order to get things done.  So I searched of course for more and found a video by Kent from Oz and his spiraled.

Ahhhh.....what a beautiful concept. Very easy to follow and it's something I could follow for 24 hours!!

How does it look and how am I using it?

This is a blown up version of the one I am using. I am using a much smaller version to fit in my Molang Diary.  I put in all the times and start in the inner circle with 12 am and go all the way around until I get to 12 am again. I have 5 colors and they are all designated for different categories during the day. Then at the end of the day it looks something like this.

You may notice some writing around the spiraldex. I right tasks around it for the week, kind of like a bullet journal system of my own as well as lines that pull out of the spiraldex that explain what the gaps of the time mean.

Pictured above is what an uncompleted week looks like as well as a week that is completed. 
Now it's a great system but I am still working on it to tweak it and allow for more multitasking. Alot of times I'm doing two things at once and I would love to be able to capture that somehow so I guess it's a work in progress. 
To see more  please check out my video!


  1. Thanks for a really useful post & video. I've always been interested in the chrono & spiraldex & it's very helpful to hear about how you've made it work for you :)

  2. Kent from oz also has a FB group if get stick mate