Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Erin Condren 2014 - 2015 Life Planner!

It finally arrived and I really had to restrict myself because I wanted to do an unboxing on YouTube. So the planner itself is not new to me because I used one for a portion of the year last year. I used it for several months and then discovered filofax and transitioned to that. Well after a few months I kept looking at my lonely EC planner and decided to cut it down and put it into my filofax. So I get to enjoy both worlds!!
Of course when Erin Condren released that she is putting out her new EC planner I had to get one. I ordered mine last year in august so I was due for a new one.

Here is what I picked!

It comes in a super super cut box!! The tissue paper inside is this super pretty mint green color. You also receive a catalog as well as a $15 off your next purchase gift card which is great! I am a sucker for great packaging and yes Erin Condren, your packaging is very exciting!!

The planner itself is thicker because I decided to get the 18 month one this year. The covers are interchangeable for those of you who are concerned that you might get bored with the cover. You can easily order more covers off of the website and just interchange them. The replaceable covers are $15 each. I put my covers into my filofax so it really doesn't matter to me all that much and I really like my cover from last year as well as the one that I choose for this year!!

It's so so vibrant and beautiful in person. The cover has light pink Gerber flowers and it's just so incredibly pretty. I also feel as though the covers are made of a tougher laminate this year than they were last year.  The back of the cover is just beautiful as well. 

The inside cover has an information sheet as well as the planner is just full of gorgeous quotes and colors. The months each have a themed color and you find that throughout the planner! 

I am so very happy with the planner this year and I really look forward to using it in my filofax. I love the quality of the paper because it handles most pens really well. There really is no shadowing at all and I rarely find any bleed through on the paper. Compared to the filofax paper it is far superior. It's a much heavier and better quality paper!!

Check out my video and unbox with me!!


  1. wow! Its beautiful....I may have to consider one...I just popped in to say I love the videos you have done and am hard at work on my own fauxbonichi....thanks to you! I am even making one for my daughter. Its been great to see the videos...and do it. Thanks I again I will keep on watching!!!

    1. Oh I'm so excited to hear that you are putting a fauxbonichi together!! Thank you so much for watching my videos!

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  3. it's so beautiful!! I love it!!