Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#OneBookJuly2014 First Week Review!!

It was a really busy week for me personally! My sister got married on July 5th and it's the 4th of July weekend which is busy here in the United States! My daughter is 18months old and she was the flower girl and my husband and I were also part of the wedding party!! It's crazy busy and I think that each week will determine how using the one journal will feel. Being that it was so hectic this week it was really tough to only turn to one journal but oddly enough liberating that I only had one!

I know I know you think I'm being silly but it's such a mix of emotions. On the one hand I like having the one notebook because it's small and I know that everything should go in it. Using only a pen I'm not trying to pack up a little bag with supplies to get everything going so it's very liberating.

The size didn't bother me so much this week as much as my watercolours! This honestly was the biggest challenge for me. I was so stressed and just needed to ease my mind and playing with my watercolors for about 10 minutes made my world a much better place.

You can see in the above picture that I just needed a few quick sketches and colors and I was just feeling rejuvinated! I was in a state of panic, anxiety and anger and after a few moments it was easily put to rest. What can I get from that....well art is really necessary for me!

I learned this week that using art is truly therapeutic for me and is something that I need in my life. It's not me failing at the challenge but instead I am learning that art is a part of my life for a good reason, it helps to balance me out.

I like to do my journaling with both pictures and sketches in my book. It's different to have them all in one place but because of the simplicity it makes it much easier for me to always be able to do it because i'm not so focused on the washi tape or the stickers or markers or pens. I always have it with me and I just need a pen.

As for planning and organizing for the day I still just use the bullet journal technique and this works just fine. I keep track of water and fitness and vitamins as well as an assessment for how I feel about my food and fitness intake.

Pictured above I incorporated my DIYfish inserts into my hobonichi. I love having this because I am able to see productivity at a glance. It's easy to create the boxes and lines because it's full of graph paper. Things that I like to keep track of are, laundry, youtube videos, blog posts, grocery shopping, spending etc. I like to see at a glance for the month or week where I stand with each of these categories. Sometimes I add during the month and sometimes I notice that I don't care about keeping track of certain things.

I am doing the Hobonichi diary daily style as well in here. I drew a picture of my sister and brother in law in one of their wedding day pictures. I find yes it's much smaller than my A5 but I have a very fine pen and it seems to work out really well. I don't know that I would want to use stickers and washi because it would take away some real estate but I do really love it for the sketching!!

If you would like to see more cheek out the video!


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  2. I love your videos on the DIY Hobonichi...and for me set to arrive on Tuesday are two from amazon...I live in a rural area no B&N less than an hours drive...but I found the same book on Amazon by the name off the back that you showed. I am excited to do these one for me and one for my daughter. I have had a rather interesting three years....I became a daughter went to has been an event...I decided to get back to me and started with putting pen to paper and then art journaling and then the discovery of YouTube and well so my campaign to 50 would not be the same without you or Rhomeny or some of the others I have discovered. Thanks so much please keep up with the videos they are off to shop in the new ebay store you mentioned....Molang here I come....