Friday, July 25, 2014

#OneBookJuly2014 Week 4 Update!

Not much has really changed. It's really calmed down alot since the first week of July, so I'm not as stressed and so I feel a little less anxious about only using one notebook. It's been a challenge and it just makes me realize that I have so many journals because it helps with my creative thought process.

Journals as I've shared before are more than just notebooks, they are friends. They are companions that hold my thoughts and secrets as well as memories and drawings. Pictures and collages are contained within these books.

I just enjoy having all of my journals in front of me and working in whatever it is that I want to work in. Being restricted to work in only one has made me feel anxious at times and uncomfortable. I can deal with one pen but I do need a little watercolor in my life!

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